Where should i put my orchid in my house?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Gardening and plant care is all about being attentive and recognizing all the little signs and signals that plants give us. When I visited my mother, I suddenly realized that I had been watching her grow orchids with great success for many years, but had never really asked her how she did it. However, the frequency of watering depends on the aeration of the orchid, the amount of light, the flower material, and the size of the pot. If your room is dry, place the orchid on a moisture tray to increase the humidity around the plant.

However, the terrestrial orchids still prefer water.

How to care for an orchid for beginners?

Understanding the natural conditions in which the orchid grows is critical to understanding what the orchid needs to care for it. Even a north window may be too little light for orchids to bloom reliably in low light conditions, but a south window may need some shading. You can find all kinds of decorative orchid pots that have holes in the sides for drainage and air circulation. Always water well from above, do not leave the pot in water, never water at night, morning is best.

I think the condition of the leaves can determine whether your orchid is getting the right amount of light or not - dark green leaves show that your plant isn't getting enough light, yellowish-green to red leaves show that your plant is getting too much light, and light green leaves show that your plant is getting enough light.

Are orchids suitable for beginners?

However, I find it nicer to think of it as a ballet orchid because the long, graceful sepals and petals are reminiscent of a series of ballerinas caught in the middle of the pirouette. Orchids range from simple to ridiculously fussy due to the number of varieties available. They require a lighter spot than both the paphiopedilums and phalaenopsis, and offer a full palate of colorful, long-lasting blooms.

Where should I put my orchid in my home?

From a plant's perspective, homes usually have low light, so you'll usually have better luck with orchid varieties that tolerate low light conditions. You can also set the orchid back a few meters away from the window so that it is not constantly exposed to strong indirect light. For example, Phals (one of the fastest growers in the orchid family) grow best under indirect sunlight. It's best to place them in a south- or east-facing window and notice how your orchid gets the right amount of sunlight. The orchid pot mix usually consists of several chunky ingredients, including pine bark, charcoal, and even styrofoam.


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