Where is the best place to buy an orchid?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

This can be frustrating and disappointing for beginners. Get Your Orchid Back To BlossomA healthy orchid that receives even, adequate light, sufficient water and moisture, and regular feeding should bloom again. Once I found Phals that had just come in, but their ceramic pots were broken and the orchids were only sold in the plastic pots. Younger plants are more cumbersome, so buy a mature orchid.

To help you further, start by downloading my free cheat sheet to see where you can cut the orchid flower tip after the flowers have faded to trigger re-blooming

How do you choose a good orchid?

To get the best for your money, choose the orchid with the most lasting flowering power and not the one whose flowers are on their way out. Buying an orchid can be as easy as picking up a plant on the fly or browsing specialist growers and websites for a rare specimen. If there is a lot to choose from in the type of flower I prefer and all plants (leaves and roots) look equally healthy, I prefer to pick a plant that hasn't opened all the flowers yet. Rural areas are an exception) so you can find the perfect orchid that suits your needs and style.

When should I buy orchids?

For orchids, young plants or seedlings need years of expert care before they can enter the flowering phase. Many experienced growers know that phalaenopsis in particular can flower itself to death, which means they have spectacular blooms for a few years in a row, then fade and die. Most people like to buy flowering orchids because they bring home such a beautiful plant right away. If you plan to move your new orchid to a fresh pot right away, the best time to buy it is when the flowers fade or fade soon.

How much should I pay for an orchid?

You love orchids and now you're ready for more, but before you buy orchids, you want to know how to get the best orchid at the best price. If you buy at the end of the show, you can get a cheap price on an expensive orchid if the seller would rather sell unsold orchids than pack them. The online store may have a place to enter your email address to receive alerts about orchids at special prices. Read on to learn more about how to get the best value for your orchid, including tips to help you avoid compromising on quality for the price.


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