When should i cover my raised beds?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Because it is so lightweight, PVC pipe is not suitable for high winds unless you secure it tightly. If you live in an area with frequent high winds, you will need to secure the cover securely to the bed or make sure it has some weight. It doesn't get any easier than wood, hammer and nails. Using garden duvets such as mini tunnels, row covers, or portable cold frames is my secret to a lush and healthy vegetable garden.

When used in a raised bed, it is usually just spread over the top so it only shades at the hottest spot of the day.

When should I cover my raised beds?

This is a good material that won't disappear and helps maintain a good volume of material in your raised bed. Yes, you should cover your vegetable garden in winter just like you want to protect bare soil. For me, the main reason is that covers allow me to create a microclimate around my plants that absorbs heat and increases production. Jack and his Stone Barns team have developed a complex cover crop system that works together with crop rotation for optimal soil health.

When is a cover crop ready to work into the soil? Jack explains that the plant stores nutrients to the point it blooms. However, learning how to prepare a raised bed for winter is essential in preparing for the coming season, even if spring is still months away.

Should I cover my raised bed?

I covered my raised bed with a layer of leaf mulch (free from the County Transfer Center) and then covered my artichokes with everything I could find (buckets, tubs, and plastic) hoping to get the artichokes through the winter. Sufficient nutrients remain in the soil around the roots of your future plants to give them maximum growth potential. I generally use light row covers (which let 85 to 90% of the light through) as longer-term garden beds. I look at these portable frames and often move them around my garden by placing them on top of plants like lettuce, carrots, and kale.


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