What is the difference between mulch & compost?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Using compost as mulch will definitely enrich your soil. But remember that it's not a good environment for plant roots when mulch is dry. It's not a soil improvement like compost. To make things even more confusing, compost can be used as mulch, and mulch can have compost like effects on your soil. But which should you choose? Compost adds nutrients while improving soil structure.

Even long-time gardeners often use the word compost when they really mean mulch, or use the term mulch when they actually talk about compost. Compost is used in soil, while mulch works like a blanket on the ground.

What is better compost or mulch?

Compost can be used to “side dress” plants that are already in the ground by spreading the compost alongside the plant and working it into the soil with a small garden fork. There are many different types of mulch, and compost is indeed one of the many types of mulch you can use. Add a 2 to 4-inch layer of compost above the soil around all of your perennials, and extend the layer outward about 12 inches from the plants. One way to decompose and decompose your compost heap at a high level is to keep an eye on the mix of the formula in the stack.

Should I take off compost before mulching?

Your approach to gardening starts with the basic principle of applying mulch, mulch, and more mulch and then moving it back a little bit each year to make room for a bunch of seeds, rather than all that twisting and working (and weeding). Suppressing weeds with black plastic is technically called leveling. The use of clear plastic is called solarization. Keep mulch a few inches away from tree trunks and shrubs. Never stack it against them like a volcano, as this can lead to pests and disease. Vermicomposting Vermicomposting uses worms, usually red wobbles, to eat the food and turn it into worm droppings.


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