What is the best homemade deck cleaner?

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

Alternatively, you can use a special wood deck cleaner. But the summer wear and tear of cookouts and backyard entertaining, combined with the cold and frost of winter, can take its toll on a real wood deck over time unless you stay on top of its cleaning and care. In addition, there are a number of safe, homemade cleaning solutions you can use on your deck, regardless of whether you have a natural wood or composite deck. Saturate the deck surface by dipping the brush into the homemade cleaning solution and running it over the boards.

Spray the deck with soap, then gently scrub each deck board with a soft bristle brush. If the dirty cleaning water is allowed to dry, a film will remain on the surface of the deck. You should clean your deck at least once a year and, after cleaning, be sure to apply a water repellent.

What is the best way to clean decks?

In addition to cleaning, you'll also need to routinely stain or seal your natural decking to keep it looking fresh and protect it from the harsh effects of elemental damage, primarily heat and moisture. To avoid damaging your decking, create a mild cleaning solution with warm water and liquid dish soap. Use a solution that is diluted with water, such as Ronseal Decking Cleaner or Liberon Tough Deck Clean and Revive, or a mixture of bleach and warm water (but don't let it sit on the surface). The experts at Jacksons Fencing say that you can use the best pressure washer to clean decks, as long as you do it lightly or from a distance.

For this, you can use deck cleaner or bleach, cut in half with warm water, and a scrub brush. For a gentler approach, Jacksons Fencing recommends washing decks with lightly soapy water and a sponge, to remove dirt and cobwebs.

What is the best cleaner for wood decks?

To be considered a top-notch product, a deck cleaner must be powerful enough to remove the stains that often appear on garden decks. Some cleaners are designed to be used in conjunction with a pressure washer, while others can be applied with a brush or broom. Using a ratio of one cup of borax to one gallon of water, treat small areas of your deck at a time, scrubbing with a brush to remove algae and mildew. Defy Wood Cleaner is very effective at removing general dirt, grime and graying caused by UV rays, while restoring natural wood tones.

Excessive use of cleaners containing chlorine (sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite) can damage treated wood leaving it with an unnatural bleached appearance. It is safe to use around plants (although you'll want to rinse your plants or lawn quickly afterwards if you go directly on them).

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