What do you fill tall raised beds with?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Treat your raised bed as you would any garden and don't forget to use trellises or cage vegetables that need support. These beds last for decades without bowing down. %26 has optimal space. For example, someone who wants a special leafy vegetable only needs 6-8 inches of high-quality soil on the surface. Let's talk about some of Birdie's other bed sizes, specifically the 6-in-1 tall metal raised bed.

The beds are then powder coated with a food-safe, non-toxic paint for a beautiful, long-lasting aesthetic.

How high can a raised bed be?

The standard height for most raised beds ranges from 6 to 12 inches, while some are built up to 36 inches. As you already know, raised beds are above ground level and are quite well-drained because the soil can warm up earlier in spring. The easiest way to buy bags of topsoil and compost and fill up the raised bed or elevated container. However, it can rust over time, and if the plantings don't run across the bed or the edge is disguised with a more aesthetic material, it may not be as attractive as you would like.

A bed with a hood is a bed where the floor is simply bounded from the edges of the bed to the center. It may or may not have an edge. So maybe it's better to flip it over and then add your topsoil and the necessary changes.

Why are raised beds bad?

Raised beds can be more attractive than regular gardens — raised beds can be designed into unique shapes and can be made from a variety of materials. To decide whether raised beds are right for you in your situation, let's first look at what exactly constitutes a raised bed. I prefer to mulch with wood chips and in this post I talk about the pros and cons of four common types of mulch that I've all tried in my raised bed gardens. I'd add a new layer of compost every season 2-4 inches if possible, plus mulch after you plant in spring.


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