Should i soak my orchid before repotting?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Carefully peel the pot off the plant and wash off the roots. Just let it drain before you start. Orchids grow in a very clunky medium, and if they break down into smaller pieces, they won't drain off either. Fill the new planter with the soaked flower medium and place the plant so that the base is right on top of the medium.

Another symptom that it may be time to repot is that the aerial roots begin to multiply in the first few. This is especially true if your plant is a monopodial orchid (single-stem orchid), such as the very popular phalaenopsis.

Should I soak my orchid before repotting?

While most orchids thrive with humidity of 40% or more, the average home humidity is 25%. They are used to living in trees without a pot, so roots coming out of the container are no big deal. The flowers of Phalaenopsis orchids last for months, but eventually the flower stem dies off and the plant grows out of its container. Remember, moth orchids are epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants such as trees in nature and have plenty of air circulation.

But thanks to the amazing technique of tissue culture, orchids are now widely used in grocery stores, flower shops, gift boutiques. The best way to water an orchid potted in peat moss is to bring it to your sink and run water through the flower mix until it flows freely through the drain holes.

How do you know when to repot an orchid plant?

They're relatively easy to grow as long as you find the right conditions, but almost every grower gets nervous when they think about repotting an orchid. As potting techniques vary slightly depending on orchid type, we focus here on phalaenopsis orchids (phalaenopsis), which ultimately account for about 95% of all orchids sold as houseplants. First, when it outgrows its container, white roots may pop out between rooms in the container.

What do you soak orchid roots in before repotting?

Terrestrial orchids usually grow in the loose leaf litter that covers the rainforest floor, while epiphytic orchids usually have nothing around their roots at all. Soak your orchid in a bucket of water for about half an hour to loosen the flower medium and make the roots more flexible. Be careful not to damage new growth, fill the sides of the pot with more potting mix until the orchid's crown is level with the pot and the young orchid fits snugly into the new pot. In the photo above, I used the Hoffman Special Orchid Mix as a planting medium for my moth orchid ideas.


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