Is viparspectra full spectrum?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

A good setting at the beginning would be around 10-20% white and 30-40% blues. So if you have a 4-foot tank, such as a 55-gallon or 75-gallon tank, you should have 2 of these lights. One of the many great things about this light is the fact that it works for all types of coral. They offer LED lights at an affordable price, partly because the manufacturer sells these lights themselves, rather than turning to a wholesaler or distributor.

I was willing not to like it, but I found little I couldn't like.

Is Viparspectra a good light?

In addition, they offer a 3-year warranty and a 30-day exchange, money back or repair policy for all luminaires that stop working within 30 days, giving a buyer a lot of flexibility with a blind light. Because the manufacturer sells the LED lights directly on Amazon, you can get these LED grow lights at a lower price than their counterparts. Thankfully, the Viparspectra range is really affordable, and I think the quality is excellent for the price. In addition, this LED growth light panel from Viparspectra is UL certified for safe use and comes with fire-resistant reflectors that should increase the PAR value by an impressive 50 percent.

However, we've put together a quick guide to buying ViparSpectra LED lights to help you make the decision easier and help you buy LED lights that your plants will love.

Which Viparspectra series is the best?

In terms of coverage, the V600w LED growth light panel from Viparspectra emits just the right amount of blue light for vegetative growth in a 3' x 3' area when set 32 high, and red light for flowering in a 2.5' x 2.5' area installed 22 above the plants. The time-controlled Viparspectra TC900 luminaire comes with the light, a remote control, two adjustable cable hangers, a suspension kit, a user manual and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. The Viparspectra PAR700 consumes 326 watts of maximum power, which makes operation extremely cost-effective and results in a better ROI. Viparspectra is bigger and more productive. Viparspectra recommends hanging this light plate at 20 and 16, respectively, for the vegetation and flowering phase.

Is Viparspectra full spectrum?

VIPARSPECTRA is a trusted brand in the lighting industry that provides the best customer care with high-quality and safe products. Welcome to the VIPARSPECTRA DS450 450W LED grow light with full spectrum layout, dimmable reflector design and improved aluminum heat sinks is ideal. VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights are designed to provide a high PAR value, ideal for indoor horticultural plants, from peppers to medicinal plants. VIPARSPECTRA reflector series V600 LED grow light is scientifically designed to maintain the balance between PAR output and coverage.

Welcome to VIPARSPECTRA's latest VA600 600W dimmable LED grow light with optimal full spectrum layout, daisy chain function and excellent heat dissipation system, ideal for all types of houseplants in all stages of growth.


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