Is speedwell an invasive plant?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

In addition to flowers, the plant has small, roundish, light green leaves and spreads through thin stolons rather than seeds. Doesn't like extreme drought, but otherwise harsh and versatile. It is a low-lying, spreading perennial that forms a dense mat over lawns. Ideal for growing between stone slabs or massaging as a ground cover on a small area.

This type of creeping ivy spreads through stolons like ground ivy and can outgrow the landscape beds. This variety of Creeping Speed spreads through stolons like ground ivy and can outgrow the landscape beds. Use an organic mulch such as bark, wood chips, or grass clippings that aren't contaminated with crawling flash to control creep.

Is creeping speedwell invasive?

This type of creeping ivy spreads through stolons like ground ivy and can outgrow the landscape beds. If you want to plant Speedwell as a ground cover, choose a variety that stays close to the ground and only grows 10 inches tall. It grows quickly but is not invasive and will rise from nearly ground level (after being shortened due to wintering) to full height before the end of the growing season. Thyme leaf speed is slow growing, durable and drought tolerant, forming a mat up to 24 wide and less than an inch high.

Is Crawling Honorary Award a perennial?

The Speedwell is an easy-care perennial with flowers in vibrant shades of blue, pink and white. It is drought-resistant but should be watered less than one inch (2.5 cm) in summer. The speedwell, also known by its other common names such as Veronica repens or Repand Veronica, has very beautiful flowers. Speedwell plants combine well with coreopsis, daylilies, and yarrow, whose yellow hues enhance the blue tones of some varieties and have similar growth requirements. One of the best features of this plant is that it is a powerful spreader that crawls easily across the ground and hugs the ground for support.

How fast does the creeping speedwell grow?

Veronica Repens seeds germinate in 15-30 days, and once established, Speedwell Creeping Blue is a robust and versatile ground keeper that can handle light foot traffic and can withstand deer and rabbits. Flowers may be followed by tiny purple black fruits, but this only happens if the plant is not mowed. The surrounding plants no longer grow upwards, but become as thick as possible to compensate for the speed shaft that creeps over them. High fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass are among the most commonly grown lawn grass species in the USA, but all are susceptible to a creeping invasion of the speed well.

It likes shade especially in the morning, but you can use creeping speedwell to replace other plants that may not like full sun.


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