Is lace aloe the same as aloe vera?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Keep below 50° in winter to encourage summer flowering. A dwarf version of the aloe genus. This succulent is the type and only species of the Aristaloe genus and was previously included in the Aloe genus. Let the soil dry between waterings.

It produces terminal panicles up to 50 cm high that produce orange-red flowers in late spring to early summer. Harvesters and collectors have led to the fact that aloe aristata is rarely found in the wild. Another pest that can infect top aloe is the scale insects, which can infect the stem and flowers during the winter season.

How do you care for a Lace Aloe Vera plant?

Mature aloe vera plants often produce offsets, also known as seedlings, puppies, or “babies,” which can be removed to produce an entirely new plant (technically a clone of the mother plant). While the Aristaloe Aristata plant needs regular watering, remember that this is a succulent plant and is drought tolerant. These downloadable instant maps give you a quick overview of the essential details of each succulent's care needs. Aristaloes are succulents and have therefore evolved to withstand long periods of time without water.

Carefully let the mother plant out of the pot, it doesn't matter if you disturb the roots or the compost falls off. Use it when you repot the parent.

Is lace aloe the same as aloe vera?

The white spines on the leaf edges and the dark brown leaf tips add to the uniqueness of this aloe plant. The leaves are dark green, with small white bumps, bristly margins, and a soft white back. Due to its size, the aloe albiflora is a beautiful and attractive houseplant that requires little maintenance. When you plant this aloe in your garden or in a large container, you'll be rewarded with beautiful clusters of pink or ivory flowers in the shape of a thin cone.

Are lace aloe rare?

Give your tiger tooth aloe a summer vacation outdoors, and you can earn bragging rights when it blooms with long, red flower stalks. From handmade pieces to vintage treasures that can be loved again, Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. Be sure to plant aloe dorotheae in full sun to get the best orange and salmon colors of this vibrant strain. Aloe hereroensis is a chameleon that appears silver grey, light green or even pink depending on exposure to light and watering.

Malagasy tree aloe comes from Madagascar, but with careful propagation methods, gardeners have been able to cultivate it in places such as Arizona or the north coast of New Zealand, where temperatures are above freezing.


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