Is fatsia japonica fast growing?

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

The common names Japanese aralia and Japanese fatsia refer to the same evergreen plant, botanically known as Aralia japonica or Fatsia japonica. Fatsia japonica, also glossy-leaved paper plant, fatsi, paper plant, false castor plant or Japanese aralia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to southern Japan and southern Korea. Fatsia japonica, also glossy-leaved paper plant, fatsi, paper plant, false castor plant or Japanese aralia, is a species of flowering plant in the family . Grown in pots it can be grown in a shady patio in summer.

Place it in a sheltered spot as the leaves will turn brown if exposed to full sun or wind. It is ideal in a pot or as an anchor in mixed planting schemes throughout the season. It tolerates drought once established, air pollution and is moderately tolerant of salt spray.

Does Fatsia japonica like sun?

Fatsia japonica or glossy-leaved paper plant is one of my favorite plants to enjoy watching in the morning while I eat breakfast. You should keep your fatsia at temperatures between 55° and 75° Fahrenheit during its growing season. Fatsia like temperatures between 60-80℉ during the summer growing season, but need a period of cooler temperatures (45-55℉) during their dormant period in the winter. Some people call them the umbrella plant, others the false castor plant because the leaves have a similar shape.

In fact, pruning fatsia is commonly done by many homeowners to keep the plant small or to a desired shape and generally control its growth. Always remember to keep in mind that fatsias are native to tropical areas, so they show a strong preference for high humidity levels (above 60 percent). These simple care tips will cover the basics when it comes to growing a fatsia japonica, however, there are certain details that will make your paper plant really stand out in your garden.

Does Fatsia like sun or shade?

Stems thicken with age, and you can cut them back drastically if your Fatsia grows too long or becomes legless. Like most plants, Fatsia japonica can be prone to aphid infestation, but this can be eliminated with a good spray of a soap and water mixture. Also known as fig-leaf plant or (erroneously) false castor plant, Fatsia japonica - as the name suggests - is native to Japan (and South Korea). Article by David Marks Fatsia japonica is an evergreen shrub that grows to about 2.5 m tall and has rather exotic, tropical-looking leaves.

Often grown as a foliage houseplant for cool situations, fatsia japonica is also a very successful shade tolerant garden plant. On the other hand, a Fatsia that is overwatered will also produce yellow leaves, as this removes many nutrients from the soil. Fatsia japonica is not very picky about soil conditions, but does best in a slightly acidic soil mix.

Is Fatsia japonica a fast grower?

The shrub is sparsely branched but looks bushy because of its giant, lobed leaves that can measure up to 16 inches across. If you want your fatsia to bloom, remove only growth older than 2 years, as fatsia blooms on the newest branches. If you're looking for a stunning plant to fill a shady corner of your garden, consider Fatsia japonica. In areas with cold winters, gardeners should place fatsia pots on wheels to make it easier to move indoors during cold snaps.

According to the Missouri Botanical Garden, fatsia in its native habitat of Japanese and Korean forests reaches heights and widths of 16 feet, but The New Sunset Western Garden Book says this is rare in the home garden. Although you don't normally want to remove more than a third of a plant's size when pruning, a leggy fatsia will benefit from heavy pruning. If you can't plant fatsia japonica in the ground because of lack of space or cold winters, you can grow the shrub in a large pot or half a wine barrel.

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