How much light does a fiddle leaf fig need?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Instead, try mimicking the natural seasons of the fig's growth in its new temperate home and only fertilize a handful of times a year — once in spring and monthly throughout the summer. A fig leaf fig is perfect as the focal point of a room if you can place it in a floor-standing container that allows the plant to grow at least 6 feet tall. So you've established your plant in its new home and are ready to take on the exciting challenge of making your fig tree with violins the happiest and healthiest specimen in your neighborhood. A fig plant with fig leaves can be sensitive to its environment and watering schedule. So if something is wrong, you can tell by the behavior of their leaves.

Why are violin leaf figs so expensive?

When the roots have circled the bottom of the pot, it's time to move your fig leaf fig to a new pot that's no more than two inches (2 inches) in diameter larger than the size of your current pot, as this ensures that your plant has room to grow but still feels calm. Ficus lyrata 'Compacta' Little Fiddle produces leaves that are half the size of normal fig leaf figs and grow less than 5 feet tall. Since there are such fluctuations, the price should be something you consider when buying a fiddle leaf fig tree. It's gotten so used to its new home and I don't have to lose a leaf yet — it's beautiful and I've received so many compliments from friends about it.

Are violin leaf figs good houseplants?

Make a thin fig tree with fig leaves look more like a design statement than a flaw by pairing it with a slender euphorbia or another succulent. The only thing worse than an unhappy fig tree with violins that turns yellow or loses its leaves is a fig tree with violins that is too happy and outgrows your home. However, in their home habitat, they grow round one-inch fruits, which are similar in shape to ordinary fig fruits. Fig trees typically have a large leaf surface area, high soil volume and surface area, and a high transpiration rate, which means they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide and chemicals, and emit a lot of clean oxygen.

Where should I place my fig leaf fig?

Although fig leaf figs are used to warm, humid environments, this cannot be easily maintained in a house or apartment. Some experts warn against placing a fiddle leaf fig tree next to windows facing south and west for fear that direct light would burn the leaves, but I didn't have that problem with mine at all. In warmer seasons, regardless of your hardiness zone, you can give your violin leaf a little time outdoors, as long as it stays above 50 degrees Fahrenheit but isn't scorching hot either. Facing south, your plant is likely to get bright sun for over 8 hours a day, but only a few direct sharp rays on its leaves.

I have a violin tree outside that is taller than my house, if these round balls are on the tree figs, they are good to eat.


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