How many varieties of pothos are there?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

In low light, some or all of the leaves may turn green again. The colour deepens as the individual leaves mature. The less sunlight this variety receives, the duller its leaves appear. Cebu Blue Pothos is a true collector plant.

Sometimes other varieties return to a similar coloration in low light, but if there is a hint of yellow or white, it is not a jade pothos. Cebu Blue moves away from the genus's typical light green and has a bluish hue over dusty dark green leaves.

What is the rarest type of pothos?

Jade photos is the original type of pothos plant with only slight discoloration on the dark green, heart-shaped leaves. If you want your neon pothos to have this eye-catching neon color, let it grow under bright light. The best type of potting mix for all types of pothos should contain equal parts of potting soil, peat moss, and perlite. The identification of specific varieties is therefore usually done by the type of variety of their glossy, leathery leaves.

Golden pothos are easy to find at your local garden center or nursery as they are the most common of all pothos plant types. For a completely green type, there is “Jade Pothos,” while “Marble Queen” offers green with a white color scheme.

Which pothos plant is best?

Like Marble Queen, Golden Pothos is best for hanging baskets and containers on tall furniture. The best part is that there are so many unique strains out there, so you can grow your own pothos jungle full of colorful variety and enduring beauty. Although Pothos houseplants are known for their resilience, they can suffer if they are kept regularly at temperatures below 50°F. And in low light conditions, it often ranges from neon to chartreuse to soft or even mid-green, explains Hancock.

In fact, there is often a lot of confusion about how to tell the difference between pothos (epipremnum) and some very similar looking plants in the genus Philodendron. The Pothos plant, whose botanical name means “golden flower on the stump,” is a robust, popular houseplant with numerous pothos varieties.

Which is better pothos or philodendron?

Pothos plants can be very useful as an air filter if you live near a factory that causes air pollution. Philodendron leaves look pure and smooth, which is the opposite of glossy and colorful pothos leaves. The Pothos plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight, but it can absorb more intensity than the philodendrons without getting sunburned. Both pothos and philodendrons can be propagated by cuttings, but philodendrons can also produce offsets that can be used for plant propagation.

Pothos plant, also known as Devil's Ivy, is a trailing vine that originates from Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.


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