How many plants can you legally grow in the uk?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors in the UK, it is recommended that you acquire a strain that is suitable for the British environment. While this isn't a problem in sun-drenched California, not every American state has the same luxury. If you're moving your plants outdoors, containers are the best option. Then cultivation should be completed when autumn approaches with the colder days and the risk of mold.

However, if you are unable to build a polytunnel with PVC pipe and polystyrene plastic sheet, or you can't afford a small glass greenhouse, you have a small balcony or a sunny roof terrace.

How many plants can you legally grow in the UK?

Production is an escalated cultivation fee where the organized species, the scale of the holding, or the number of plants exceed a limit set by the Court's sentencing guidelines. In addition, you could be treated as a smuggling supplier, which is a category 4 criminal offence. If 5 or fewer plants are discovered, the grower must abandon them and in most cases will not be prosecuted. It treats this situation the same as one in which only a small amount of cannabis is available for personal use.

Nine plants is the maximum you can grow to be classified as a home operation by local police.

Can I grow marijuana in the UK?

Keep in mind that multiple guerrilla growing plots are often preferred just in case you're unlucky with one of them. If you plant them outdoors, you can place the plants directly in the ground or leave them in containers. Some growers use chicken wire (garden wire fence) around their plants to protect them from deer, rabbits, etc. It is a class B drug with penalties for unlicensed trade, unlicensed production, and trafficking of up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

On the other hand, there are around 1500 hours of sunshine per year in the UK, which is an average of around 4 hours per day. If you add fresh fertilizer, do it at the end of the previous growing season so it can be broken down from the ground in winter (otherwise it could burn the roots of your seedlings). Greenhouse cannabis growers often use March to perform thorough greenhouse cleaning.


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