How long does it take for pothos to root in water?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

I wanted to propagate my pothos plant and cut just below a knot and the baby plant grew well, but the mother plant from which I cut the baby plant is no longer growing. Small glass vases, glasses, and test tubes are often used as vessels to propagate a pothos cut. They usually sit on a sunny windowsill to provide sufficient light and space for the plant to vine or track. To successfully propagate pothos, Duford recommends choosing a healthy mother plant that has been grown in nutrient-rich soil and watered evenly. The most common method for propagating pothos is water.

However, if you're looking for the best success rates, cut in spring or summer when the days are longer, and the small cut can get as much sun as it needs.

Are pothos easy to propagate?

One of the great things about pothos plants is not only very easy to care for, but they are also very easy to propagate. I share tips on pothos propagation with you, including pruning and propagating a pothos plant and caring for and planting the cuttings. Duford also suggests reproducing during Pothos' most active growing season, which is spring and summer, when days are longest and provide sufficient light for photosynthesis. Pothos are low-maintenance, easy-to-find hanging houseplants that come in a variety of leaf colors, patterns, and sizes.

Is it better to propagate pothos in water or soil?

This plant requires a lot of moisture in addition. Then make sure to spray the plant evenly with mist water. If you've left too much of the trunk under a knot where it hangs above the water, it won't develop roots. After Plant Kween Christopher Griffin has given her overgrown pothos a cut, they often give the cuttings to friends. However, it is found that the probability of progress increases if the cut is embedded directly into the water immediately after the cut.

The right way to water your new pothos plant is to sprinkle the soil instead of watering the plant and leaves yourself.

Can you place pothos cuttings directly into the ground?

If your pothos starts to sink after being in your care for a long time, gently lift it out of the pot. Ameira says From here, you can plant these cuttings directly into the soil of the mother plant or in a new pot of soil. If you want to increase your chances of rooting, first dip the ends of the cuttings in a rooting hormone. There are several ways to propagate a pothos (most varieties are all made the same way), but there are some important points to keep in mind for the most success.

Make sure you change out the water every few days or when it appears dirty to keep your cut healthy.


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