How long does a cordless strimmer battery last?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

It's a decent piece of equipment for the price, especially if you already have tools from Cobra's cordless range and can share batteries and chargers to reduce the initial outlay. Most of the time, the brushcutter is used for cutting grass and weeds, especially in areas that are hard to reach with a mower. There are plenty of options to choose from, and fortunately there are more and more cordless options available to free you from the tyranny of cords. Results 1 - 16 of 282 - BLACK DECKER STC1820PC-GB 28 cm cordless mower with 2, 0Ah lithium-ion battery, orange - Terratek 20V cordless lawn mower with 2 .

Results 1 - 16 of 282 - BLACK DECKER STC1820PC-GB 28 cm cordless string trimmer, 0Ah lithium-ion battery, orange - Terratek 20V cordless strimmer with 2 . The brushcutter is a key weapon in this arsenal, though you may know it by many names, from brushcutter to brushcutter. Results 1 - 16 of 282 - BLACK DECKER STC1820PC-GB 28 cm Cordless Weed Trimmer with 2, 0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Orange - Terratek 20V Cordless strimmer with 2 . The dual-bar design gives this mower a geriatric feel, but there's no doubt that it's comfortable to use.

Which cordless strimmer is the best?

It's infinitely adjustable from shaft and handle to base, and even comes with a pair of wheels to edge the lawn to OCD perfection (just turn the head 45˚). The reason for this is that the deck prevents the grass from clearing, so for long grass use the brushcutter without the deck. Unlike most brushcutters that only have one short line that rotates around, this one has two and a combined cutting area of 38cm. This particular product is a decent contender for one of the best cordless mowers in the UK.

They also tend to have a fixed head, which means you may have to hold the trimmer at an awkward angle to cut vertically along the edges of the lawn. This not only speeds up the process noticeably, but also makes it more efficient, which in turn leaves more time for important leisure activities like throwing water bombs at the kids.

Are battery-powered trimmers any good?

Unlike gas-powered trimmers, the new and improved battery-powered models don't need to mix fuel or store gasoline, and they're not limited by the length of the extension cord. Instead of automatically feeding the string, this trimmer gives you total control over the length of the string with a button on the handle. It's not made or priced to compete with those models, but it does an excellent job for a lightweight everyday trimmer. When all the string runs out, just load about 16 feet of string through the trimmer head so that there are 8 feet sticking out of each side, then put the cap on.

A push-button feed system allows the user to extend the trimmer string without having to resort to tapping the 12-inch trimmer head or manually pulling additional string out of the trimmer. Cordless trimmers work great on small lawns, removing stubborn grass and weeds in hard-to-reach places.

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