How long do erigeron seeds take to germinate?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

I covered a clear plastic lid with holes and used a fine spray to keep the seeds moist from time to time. Sow seeds in cell packs or dwellings, press into soil but do not cover. Erigeron Profusion is a very attractive and versatile compact flowering perennial with bushy mounds of grey-green foliage and flowers all summer and autumn with charming, daisy-like flowers turned white in pink that attract butterflies and bees. Also known as Santa Barbara Daisy and Mexican Daisy, this versatile perennial is good for low and tall deserts.

Also known as the Santa Barbara daisy and Mexican daisy, this versatile perennial does well in low and tall deserts. Erigeron (Erigeron Karvinskianus profusion) - Erigeron seeds easily grow a beautiful but robust perennial.

How to grow Erigeron Karvinskianus from seeds?

There are over 200 different Erigeron species, some of which have fleabans as part of their common name. Other common names of Erigeron Karvinskianus are Mexican Daisy, Santa Barbara Daisy, Dancing Daisy, Latin American Fleabane, and Seaside Daisy. Erigerons, also known as fleabans, are low-growing, clump-forming plants that are grown for their pretty, daisy-like flowers. I created Epic Gardening to teach 10,000,000 people how to grow anything, no matter where they live in the world.

Erigeron karvinskianus is drought-tolerant, but happier with a regular water supply, especially in summer.

How do I get Erigeron seeds?

Due to its natural wake habits, Santa Barbara Daisy is a fabulous choice for planting in window boxes, containers, hanging baskets, along walkways, and between step stones. Erigeron is from Mexico, but perhaps a bit surprising and naturalized today, especially on walls in South West England. It is an amazingly versatile plant that grows low, is happy in sun or partial shade, and thrives in any well-drained soil. Northwest native wildflower and grass seeds A long-lived plant - excellent for dry soil with low fertility. This is a perfect plant for dry southern slopes or dried-out flower beds on the sunny side of a house.

Does Erigeron Karvinskianus sow himself?

The Erigeron needs a hot spot with lots of light, but the beautiful Corydalis ochroleuca will like it on the cool side. They have a softening effect on hard landscaping - Erigeron Karvinskianus was planted on the concrete terraces of the Estadio Azteca football stadium, built for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico City. Erigeron grows best in a sunny location, and while it's often recommended to plant it in well-drained soil that won't dry out, Erigeron is actually tough and will grow in many garden areas, including steps and wall crevices. There are many varieties, but the most widespread is Erigeron karvinskianus, or Mexican Fleabane, which bears masses of small flowers over a very long period of time, often from May until the autumn frosts.

How long do Erigeron seeds take to germinate?

For spring planting, mix the seeds with wet sand and refrigerate for 60 days before direct sowing. To sow Erigeron flower seeds directly outdoors, wait until the threat of frost has passed and spread the flower seeds directly onto The perhaps most common and well-known of these species is Erigeron Karvinskianus, also known as Mexican Fleabane. Erigeron karvinskianus (often sold as Erigeron karvinskianus' profusion) holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit.

When planting Erigeron, it's best to water only when the soil feels dry to help build up the root system.



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