How fast does a ficus robusta grow?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Good light Avoid direct sunlight and very shady areas. The plant wants the soil to stay moist at all times, but too much water can cause leaf dripping. However, the majority of the naturally produced rubber comes from Hevea brasiliensis. The true Latin name for this plant is Ficus Elastica, but the traditional early versions have generally been replaced by more modern varieties and closely related varieties.

The variety known as “Robusta — Ficus elastica robusta” or “ficus robusta” is probably the closest to the original. The variety known as “Robusta — Ficus elastica Robusta” or “Ficus Robusta” is probably the closest to the original. Better to water from the bottom by soaking the plant in a tray for a couple of hours.

How big does a Ficus Robusta get?

The optimal mix for a burgundy rubber ficus is one part of pine bark and one part of coarse sand or perlite. It is a ficus species from the fig genus, a part of the Moraceae fig family, the ficeae tribe and the urostigma subgenus. The large, 12-inch long and 6-inch wide leaves can collect dust. So wipe the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth. Robusta is a popular species, as is Ficus decora, which is somewhat different from Robusta, with larger and wider leaves and a middle vein that is red at the bottom and whitish at the top.

How often do you water a ficus rubber?

Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) are easy to care for and do very well, even if they are neglected for a few days. Since the Ficus Elastica likes to be in soil with a lot of moisture, you should not place it in a dry place, such as near a drafty window or vent, a heater, or direct sunlight. However, plants that are near a fireplace or stove will dry out their potting mix much faster. Aeration stones encourage healthy root growth by forming air pockets in the soil and absorbing excess water in your planter's basin.

Watering cans come in all shapes and sizes, and the perfect one for your home is the one you're happiest with.


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