How far should t5 grow lights be from plants?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

You can easily switch your T5 fluorescent tubes with LED tubes that are designed to work in the same system. LEDs are the rising stars of the grow-light world. However, this is not always the case with a single fluorescent lamp that is traditionally warmer or cooler. Unlike many other types of grow lights, T5 lights run cool so they can be placed closer to your plants without burning their leaves or drying them out.

For anyone reading at home, you probably don't need a glowing grow light.

Can I use T5 lights to bloom?

If you are in a bad situation where your plants have grown too big and you can't afford to get another type of light, you can add extra light to your fluorescent tubes, for example you can supplement their light with a few CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) wherever you which notice shady areas. It's especially helpful when you start with seedlings because their light requirements are so low compared to a bushy plant in the middle of its growing season. The disadvantage of flowering under fluorescent lamps is the lack of light intensity and penetration. A few years ago, growers typically only used fluorescent lighting as additional light for cannabis plants or just for young seedlings and clones.


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