How do you store apples for 6 months?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Storing apples in a cool and dry place somewhere between 35 and 40 degrees is ideal. With these simple methods, I kept ordinary apples until the end of February and winter banana apples until March. In the video below, Peter Bosman from Lincoln Line Orchards in Smithville, Ontario, describes the steps orchards must take to keep their apples fresh during the winter months. However, when stored at around 40°F (4.5°C), they will only last 3.5 months (14 weeks).

These factors offer you the best opportunities for long-term storage. A good way to do this is with flat boxes that keep everyone in one shift.

What is the best way to store apples?

The most important thing is that they are stored in a cool, slightly damp place and that there is good air circulation. In Linvilla, Schultz, he uses old-fashioned low temperatures to keep his apples fresher for longer, and says you can too. Store only firm, pristine apples as damaged fruit is likely to become moldy and infect the rest of your crop. Most commercial apples are stored in controlled environments that provide optimal levels of humidity, temperature, and atmospheric conditions.

Place them in a plastic bag with holes in the sharper drawer, or cover the apples with a damp paper towel.

How to store apples for a year?

The maturation reactions occur faster when temperatures are higher. So keeping the fruit cold in a cellar or even a cave will save you some time, says James Mattheis, research director at the USDA ARS Tree Fruit Research Laboratory in Wenatchee, Washington. The higher the ethylene content, the faster the apple wants to breathe, which means that it ripens faster - and eventually rots -. To keep apples “fresh for an average of 12 months,” they spray them with 1-MCP and antibiotic fungicides before growing. Apples are an autumn specialty whose scent rolls off farmers' market cars and inspires cake bakers and cider manufacturers to reach delicious heights.


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