How do you start a worm compost bin?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

You should put your bin in an indoor space because you don't want the worms to freeze in winter or get too warm in summer. It comes with four trays, a lid and a base with built-in seepage collector and spigots. When choosing a container to compost with worms, consider how much leftover food you want to compost and where the container is. There are several ways to compost vermicompost.


worm composting worth it?

I don't know why the second batch expired, but given the size of my hard, the worms would have made a very small contribution to it. Therefore, I'd better throw things on the compost heap in winter, although there is little composition in cold weather. Unfortunately, the worms in your garden are not suitable for vermicomposting because they depend on soil for nutrients. Every morning I looked through the Worm Factory instructions over breakfast, hoping that my compost anxiety would calm down if I just looked at the words often enough. I saw a seven-part homemade video series on YouTube about worm composting, a slow-moving epic that dedicated much of its first episode to removing the worm factory from the box.

Which container is best for worms?


Wurmfabrik is a leading name in the world of composting and offers solid, reliable solutions for vermicomposting. The best composting worms are red wigglers or European nightcrawls, both of which are available for purchase. This is the leftover moisture that has penetrated through the worm compost and contains vitamins and minerals useful as food for plants. The worms breed quickly and can double their numbers in about 90 days, but a new colony will eat slower than an established one.

The worms place castings directly in the garden and move out when their feast is over, when new waste arrives, without you having to empty the bin.

Can you use compost in the worm container?

Raising the material in this way also assimilates fresh oxygen, which the worms appreciate. Since the worms want to search for darkness and moisture, all you have to do is provide a way to dig into a more desirable area. You can realistically assume that a pound of worms will eat at least three pounds a week and twelve pounds of waste a month. Worm composting uses worms to recycle food residues and other organic matter into a valuable soil improvement called vermicompost or worm compost.

I just put a worm in my toy watering can, but the watering can was too small and I thought they were going to die.


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