How do you keep raspberries upright?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

It is common to plant red and gold raspberries in a low row, either along a fence so they can be corralled and tied together with wires, or can be carried via T-bar trellises at either end of the row. A raspberry trellis should contain sturdy support posts and multiple layers of wire or string strung between the posts on either side of the plants. A raspberry trellis should contain sturdy support posts and multiple layers of wire or string strung between posts on either side of the plants. Although most people tend to think of all raspberries as red, there are also black, purple, and yellow varieties.

It is used for support during the growing season, and in winter I can easily reach out and cut down on all growth.

What support does raspberries need?

Although some raspberries are considered self-supporting, most grow five-foot canes that benefit from supports. Growing raspberries on a trellis in this way makes harvesting much easier and makes pruning easier, as trellis encourages new tube growth in the middle and not just along the outer edges of the hedge. Cultural practices become extremely difficult and crop yields are reduced as red raspberries grow into large, dense thickets. Due to their extensive habit and need for stable support, the best place to grow raspberries is in a row along the property line.

Growing raspberries on a trellis improves fruit quality, greatly facilitates harvesting, and reduces the incidence of diseases.

Do all raspberries need support?

Raspberry plants are also known as caneberries or cane crops because the berries form on long, thin wooden sticks. If you have rich, deep soil that drains well all year round, you can simply plant your raspberries in a permanent garden. It rains all winter in the Pacific Northwest, and many gardeners lose raspberries to root rot because they make the mistake of planting the fussy little toes of their raspberries directly into the soil, which is often covered with clay in moist topsoil. Raspberries are delicious and easy to grow fruits that are suitable for any size of garden and even containers.

Perpetual red raspberries, also known as raspberries with autumnal or primokanfruited fruits, can grow flowers in the first year.


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