How do you care for potted alstroemeria?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Alstroemerias have fleshy, tuberous roots that can be easily damaged. Therefore, gently lift and treat them, divide the lump into several parts and immediately replant it in the soil, which has been improved with organic matter. This is key for species such as Alstroemeria aurea, which grow from tubers that can rot if the soil is too wet. First, treat the tubers and plants with gloves, as the juice can cause irritation. Ideally, you should plant alstroemerias in spring so that they can settle before flowering, keeping them 60 cm apart.

You may need to improve this by incorporating some compost into the top ten inches.

Does Alstroemeria need full sun?

Alstroemerias look fantastic on a sunny border between other perennials and shrubs and go particularly well with roses. Unlike other flowering plants where you're dead simply by pulling off the dying flower, with the alstroemeria flower, you're dead by removing the entire stem. To ensure the growth of a healthy flower from the very beginning, use a solid base fertilizer when planting alstroemeria. If you're new to gardening or owning alstroemeria for the first time, learning how to properly care for your plant doesn't have to be complicated.

Tap a stick into it and tie in the stems. If you have a large piece of alstroemeria, stretch the jute net over it.

How to take care of alstroemeria in winter?

The roots of Alstroemeria aurea are brittle and therefore make it very difficult to dig up the plant annually for wintering indoors. It should be planted with a general granular fertilizer when planting, and then general liquid feed should be used when the plant is established. The plants benefit from dying off, but you can also try pruning Peruvian lilies to create shorter, less long-legged stems. Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian, parrot or princess lily, as well as lily of the Incas, is an exceptional cut garden flower in the Alstroemeriaceae family.


shade is good for alstroemerias (although you're reviewing the variety you're growing), but the full shade will affect flowering.


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