How do you attach a planter to a wooden fence?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

There are 12 bags in which you can plant a single plant with this planter, so you can plant a single type in all 12 cases or vary the foliage by growing multiple plant types. Common materials used to hang planters for fences include metal with moss fiber, woven baskets, resin, plastic, and wood. Hanging planters for fences is considered one of the easiest ways to disguise a fence. Window planters are a great way to brighten up your outdoor space, and this planter has a black iron design that looks great in any room.

How do you attach a planter to a fence?

This type of planter is very robust and will hold a variety of heavier plants and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces. Alternatively, cut PVC tubing into shorter planters, secure them with string or rope, and create hanging planters to hang on your fence. Cloth planters are a great way to grow herbs and other smaller plants — but here's one way to get some double plants in a small space — saddlebag-style fabric planters. Attach them to your fence posts to brighten up your garden and create a place to hang these extra planters.

What is a fence planter?

When you hang some sort of planter on your fence, make sure your fence and what you use for mounting can support the weight of the planter, especially after it's filled with soil that weighs even more each time you water your plants. Fences that are generally recognized as a neglected space can be used to add stunning visual features to your home. It's a perfect addition to planters and garden fences as it's easy to grow, spreads quickly and can cover an entire wall in a short time. This type of fence decor is suitable for growing a variety and a large number of plants, as their size and shape can withstand more compared to pots.


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