The Best Garden Incinerators Reviewed - Top Garden Burning Incinerators Reviewed

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

With a garden, it can be difficult to keep up with the number of waste plants (pruned shrubs for example) will create. The best way to combat this problem is by using a garden incinerator. These metal drums will burn away garden waste quickly and efficiently, leaving behind a small pile of ash.

One effective way to dispose of garden refuse is with a Garden Incinerator Bin, Garden Burning Bin, or Fire Bin (all the same thing functionally).

There are many garden incinerator bins available in the UK. We've compiled a top list of what we believe to be the best of the best for you. You should consider quality, price and safety when choosing your bin. Many people think that it is illegal to burn garden waste, but in reality, this isn't forbidden. Laws exist about the types of wastes that are not allowed to be burned, and also a nuisance created by smoke when using a burning bin.

Below, we will analyze some of the features and advantages/disadvantages to consider when shopping for a garden incinerator.

Denny International Fast Burner Incinerator

The Denny International Fire Incinerator has 90 litres of capacity, so the worry of burning out and running out of room will be gone. Unlike most incinerators with holes on just the top of the firebox, this bin has plenty of oxygen that reaches the flames through all its sides.

The chimney top on the lid is perfect for burying the bin without having to worry about fumes. The legs and nuts are included, so assembly is easy. Once complete, the bin stands at 32" or 80 cm tall.

You can buy either a round or square bin, the former of which is cheaper. The bins are made in the UK and are constructed from galvanized steel. If you want to burn a fair amount of waste each week but don't need an extremely large bin, such as the Keto bin we rated above, this would be suitable.

Main Features:

  • Low price
  • It has 90 litres of capacity.
  • Excellent fire lining.

Fire Vida Extra Large Incinerator Galvanised

The Fire Vida Incinerator is both durable and shiny made from galvanized metal. It has a capacity of 75 litres which is just right for most medium gardens. It has holes in the bottom and side to help increase airflow inside, as well as three stands for easy installation. More importantly, the Fire Vida incinerator has a lid and chimney that enables you to better control the escape of smoke from burning waste. It is very easy to clean--simply wipe down the body with a dry cloth and get your shiny incinerator back in no time! For an easy way to trim edges on your garden, take a

Main Features:

  • It is made from galvanised metal, making it both durable and shiny.
  • Minimal assembly is required, no tools are even needed to assemble this.
  • Cost-effective and comes at a reasonable price.
  • A lid and chimney make it easier to control smoke from escaping the bin when burning waste.

Keto Plastics Galvanised Garden Incinerator

This high-capacity incinerator can take in up to 90L of waste matters. It is made from a heavy-duty material that has been galvanised to prevent rusting. It also comes with a lid and chimney for easy control of smoke from leaving the burning bin. The side holes on the incinerator allow you to burn without scorching the ground. Several air holes make for faster and more efficient burning.

The Keto Plastics Galvanised Garden incinerator is ideal for those looking for ample space for their burning operation. However, it is also good for those who like to grow a garden with a lot of vegetables or plants.

Main Features:

  • Large capacity(90L)
  • Side holes allow you to burn without scorching the ground.
  • Several air holes make for faster and more efficient burning.
  • The tripod included with the device is easy to assemble.
  • Made from strong steel, it has 4 ventilation holes near to the base.

EasyShopping 90L Litre Metal Galvanised Garden Incinerator

This product is available in several sizes, but the ninety-litre capacity puts it on this list. The EasyShopping Large 90L Litre Metal Galvanised Garden Incinerator has a one hundred percent metal casing and will hold garbage for weeks at a time without being emptied. It has a metal lid that you can use to cover it when burning to minimize the amount of smoke being released. The chimney allows for this release while mitigating its escape. One difference of the EasyShopping large metal galvanised garden incinerator from other burners is a pair of handles and a sturdy three-legged base.

If you are looking for smaller incinerators, consider the 15L or 60L models. All sizes have similar features; the only difference being that the 90L size has a larger capacity and includes a shovel, unlike other smaller and medium-sized models.

Main Features:

  • It is made of galvanised metal.
  • The lid and chimney help control the amount of smoke while burning.
  • It has a sturdy three-legged base instead of just two.
  • This 90 Litre Capacity Metal Galvanised Garden Incinerator from EasyShopping also includes a pair of handles for carrying it about.
Easy Shopping 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Recycle Garden Rubbish Fire Burning Bin with Lid
  • Large 90L Galvanised Steel Incinerator Burning Fire Bin Ideal for Burning Garden Rubbish Paper Leaves Documents
  • Made In U.K. Manufactured from durable galvanised steel

Gardman Large Metal Galvanised Dustbin Composter

The Gardman large metal dustbin composter is built with features that make burning garden waste very easy. The size of the bin itself makes a good first impression, but it also comes equipped with a lid for the reduction of smoke. This lid has a chimney that allows the smoke to come out in a controlled manner. The Gardman dustbin composter also includes holes drilled into its side and base for improved airflow when burning. This enables the burning temperature to be always at a safe range, which helps to burn refuse efficiently and quickly. It also reduces smoke when it is coming out of the incinerator.

The incinerator has an adjustable base that prevents scorching while upright, as well as a pair of carrying handles for ease of transporting.

Main Features:

  • Bin capacity of 90 litres
  • Every side is equipped with an air hole or holes.
  • The lid and chimney help control the amount of smoke while burning.
  • It comes with handles for carrying.
Gardman Large Metal Galvanised Dustbin Composter
  • Galvanised Garden incinerator with 3 feet for burning your garden plants safely
  • Dimensions 84 x 45 cm in diameter.

CrazyGadget Large 90 Litre Incinerator

If you have a garden, it's important to dispose of your excess leaves and sticks. One incinerator that will do the job well is the CrazyGadget large incinerator with its great capacity for burning through garden waste. One of the best features about this incinerator is that, made from galvanized steel, it not only makes a sturdy and durable container, but also an investment you'll be enjoying for years to come.

The package comes with a shovel that is perfect for your garden work. The incinerator rests three feet from the ground to prevent scorching. Holes in the roof let air circulation improve inside it. Lastly, these burning units have a chimney-like opening to let the smoke from the waste escape. This enhances the efficiency of your burn operation and allows you to reach higher temperatures for more effective burning.

Main Features:

  • Made of high-quality galvanized steel.
  • Prevent scorching with its 3 feet height from the ground.
  • The holes in the roof and chimney let air circulation for better burning efficiency.

Mini Garden Incinerator Small 15L Fire Bin

It was important for us to include this mini garden incinerator on the list because some gardeners have limited space or do not want papers from their personal documents and items that need to be completely sent off into the unknown such as bank statements. This metal fire bin has a 15L capacity and it is great for burning paper or small amounts of garden waste. Burning bins don't need to be large.

As with most fire bins, this model is made from galvanised steel and comes with a metal lid and three legs that need to be attached. This product has ventilation holes all around, which helps it to reach high enough temperatures.

Because of its size, it is better for long-term storage and avoids getting damaged by the elements.

Main Features:

  • Made of galvanised metal for durability.
  • The fire bin has large air holes all over it.
  • Easy to assemble with the three-legged stand and lid already attached.
Keto Plastics Mini Garden Incinerator Small Fire Bin Galvanised 15 Litre Burning Wood Leaves Paper MADE IN UK
  • Metal legs and strong riveted handles, features a sturdy, three-legged base
  • Ideal for burning paper, document, letters, leaves and wood etc. Unit can be easily relocated when cold using side handles.

Apollo Gardening 90L Galvanised Metal Incinerator

The Apollo garden steel recycling bin is made with a strong and durable galvanized metal that allows for up to 90 litres of burning capacity. The clever design can handle much more than before. The Apollo garden incinerator is specifically designed for burning leaves, sticks and other dry materials. The 3.3kg of lightweight metal is easy to move around with two strong handles that can be used with carrying or pull options.

There is a thin funnel-like passageway at the top of this incinerator that allows smoke from your rotting materials to come out. This means you can effectively burn any type of garden waste.

Main Features:

  • Made of galvanized metal for long-lasting performance.
  • The two handles on the carrying handle is easy to carry around.
  • A thin funnel-like passageway at the top allows smoke from burning materials to come out.
Apollo Gardening 90L Galvanised Metal Incinerator
  • Durable Galvanised steel design
  • Approx 90 litre capacity

Our Guide To Buying Garden Incinerators

Size Of Garden Incinerator

One of the most important elements to look for in an incinerator is the size, as this will ultimately determine how much you can put into your incinerator. Some incinerators are very small, such as some of those used for ashes on a fireplace, and they can handle up to two pounds at most. Other models can be larger in size and be able to hold a lot more weight.

Every incinerator should tell you the maximum amount it is capable of holding. Also remember that if your trash is too heavy or bulky, it might not burn well no matter what kind of incinerator you have selected.


As well as taking note of the size, the material that the burner is made out of is an important factor. The durability will be down to the quality of the metal used, as incinerators are pretty cheap, it's not surprising that most don't stand the test of time.

Aeration Holes

Another thing to look for is how the aeration holes are set up. These are very important as they help to increase the burning temperature of your incinerator. The higher you can get that temperature, then the better it will be at getting rid of the waste in a more efficient manner.

Garden incinerator vs Bonfire

Are garden incinerators legal?

Yes, they are!

It is legal to burn garden refuse. This means that incinerators are also allowed. However, you can get into trouble if your fire creates a nuisance or harm to others - especially if it offends your neighbours with smoke or bad smells. Several reasons exist to suggest that a garden incinerator is so practical and convenient, including its ability to work in a fraction of the time it would take in a bonfire while producing less smoke and odour.

It's best not to burn plastic, rubber, or other objects that can cause smoke or foul odours. If you do plan to start your fire in the garden, a decent incinerator will make the job so much easier with little or no smell.

If you're unsure of what to do with your garden waste, take note of any local laws. There are some cities that enforce "smokeless zones.

How does a garden incinerator work?

A garden incinerator gets rid of your waste in two different manners. The first is simply by burning the material, which can include leaves, grass cuttings, and other garden refuse. This method heats the metals inside the bin to a high temperature of about 850 degrees Celsius, thereby causing any organic materials to combust with ease.

The other way that incinerators work is through external heat being applied separately from the fires themselves. Common examples of this are using gas or electricity to get things started before adding your materials into it for final disposal.

How To Use A Garden Incinerator Safely & Effectively

  • When assembling your incinerator, make sure to follow the instructions in great detail. Do not take any shortcuts when building this device because it could be detrimental to its function and maintenance later on down the line as well as have an impact on the overall safety.
  • Make sure you use the incinerator on a flat location that has no overhanging tree's close bushes etc.
  • Before adding your waste make sure you bring the burner up to heat
  • Remember to follow local regulations
  • Wear clothes and items like thick boots and gloves to protect against harm.
  • When finishes make sure everything has cooled fully before handling.

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