Does verbena need full sun?

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

The verbenas in Proven Winners' Superbena Royale collection flower earlier and are more compact than the original Superbenas, making them perfect for smaller containers and at the front of borders. Many perennial verbenas are relatively short-lived, but their vigor and abundant flowering make up for this shortcoming. Most species are native to the Americas and Asia. You will often see them labeled "Verbena x hybrida," "Verbena x" or "annual verbena" to distinguish them from the native species forms.

Verbena is the ideal plant to cascade over retaining walls, containers, baskets and planters. Verbena is the ideal plant to cascade over retaining walls, containers, baskets and planters. When planting verbena, remember to water, fertilize and trim for long-lasting color in the summer garden and beyond. Verbena 'Quartz Silver' is a compact, upright variety with white and silver lavender flowers.

Is verbena a sun or shade plant?

Since most problems with verbenas are associated with improper planting, proper placement of the verbena will result in the best use of the plant. Hybrid annual verbenas often bloom in pots or are used as bedding plants, planted in masses, or as front border plants where the growth habit is taken advantage of. The edible form is Lemon Verbena, which is actually in the same family but not the same genus: it is Aloysia triphylla. This tough-as-nails verbena tolerates drought and heat, and also survives temperatures down to ten degrees; it's winter hardy to zone 7. How long does verbena last? Most annual and perennial varieties will bloom from spring until frost, with regular fading.

Trailing forms of verbena come in a wide range of colors that add brightness to planters, hanging baskets, containers and garden beds. Lemon verbena is a member of a different genus within the Verbenaceae and is classified as Aloysia triphylla.

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