Does rosemary need full sun?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

It can get a messy splash of water on the needles weekly and water regularly when the soil feels dry. It has enough water to stay alive (I water it well about once a month, no fertilizer) but not enough water or light to grow. Rosemary needs full sun and even the brightest window is not the same as a sunny garden. Rosemary plants will grow in any type of indoor environment as long as the right conditions are met.

The rosemary plant cannot produce enough energy to stay alive with this amount of low light and simply dies.

Does rosemary go well indoors?

Root rot can occur when overwatering or when plants are potted in containers with poor drainage. Rosemary is supposed to symbolize remembering, and Rosemarie, the woman who gave me this plant, is often on my mind. The rosemary plant cannot produce enough energy to stay alive with this amount of low light and simply dies. They range from six to eight hours of strong, direct light to four to six hours of weak or indirect light.

How to care for a rosemary plant indoors?

We keep it pretty cold; the heat only comes on when it drops below 40°F, and sometimes plants freeze too close to the glass at night. Poor watering practices The second most common reason rosemary died indoors is The heat was hot there last winter, but this plant sailed through 50ºF nights without any problems. To grow rosemary from seed, plant several seeds in a pot or starting container with a well-draining medium a few months before warm weather arrives.

If you plant your rosemary in a terracotta, there's a small chance that you could water it over.

Will rosemary grow indoors all year round?

If you're growing rosemary in winter (or in a darker environment), consider purchasing the appropriate grow lights to meet the plant's needs. You can plant multiple rosemary roots in one container to create so-called topiary where you carefully shape the plant by wrapping it around other plants and pruning as it grows. In fact, insufficient sunlight is one of the leading causes of growing healthy rosemary plants. When growing rosemary from seed, it is important to remember that it may take a while for the seeds to germinate.

The root system of your plants may not be large enough to support the size of above-ground growth.


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