Do tomatoes need a frame?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

A stake is driven through the cage to provide additional support as the plant matures and becomes heavy with tomatoes. A number of cages are discussed in this newspaper article, but the one I focused on is the tomato cage stack suggested by a landscape designer. Used outdoors, the concrete mesh works well with a freestanding frame and is versatile enough for most cutting methods. Commercial tomato cages that fit in large containers tend to be weak and collapse under the weight of your plant.

These are safe materials used in medical products that are inserted into the body and in baby products, such as high-quality baby bottles.

What is a tomato frame?

If you're growing your tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can remove the frame by attaching vertical strings to greenhouse studs or rafters. Supporting your tomato plants helps keep plants healthy so they can get maximum yields. With a trellis, it's easy to drape the tomatoes so that a light frost does not end the harvest ahead of time. Even tomatoes that start small will grow into K-Brands' tomato cages thanks to their adjustable height.

The best tomato cages offer plants the greatest opportunity to grow tall and strong and produce healthy and plentiful tomatoes.

Is it better to put tomatoes or cage them?

Although you can use concrete mesh, welded wire, or other heavy duty tomato cages, I chose concrete grids. The cages can be raised by the plants, often with the help of some stems that have wrapped around them. A general rule of thumb is that for tall indeterminate tomatoes, you want a cage that is at least 60 inches high and 18 inches in diameter at the largest point. With a 5-foot 10-gauge concrete rebar wire with 6-inch openings, you can make a large tomato cage that will last for years.

To test the cages against the single-stem method, I used the same varieties of Amish paste, Arkansas Traveler and Black Krim.


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