Climbing Roses

December, 2023

Can you see yourself here? Sitting on a bench under a lush growing climbing rose. How can you achieve this dream? Actually, it’s easy! There are many different types of climbing roses and with a little help, they will climb up beautifully.

Various types of climbing roses

Rambler roses (roses vine) grow superbly. The young branches are flexible enough to be guided. Under optimal conditions, these grow up to three metres per year. Rambler roses bloom in late spring and early summer. The climbing ‘tea hybrids’ are also an excellent choice for a romantic garden. These have large flowers, have a chic look and the flowers are pointed in shape.

Or are you looking for a waterfall of flowers? Choose the spray rose (floribunda). They have many small flowers on a branch.

A popular rose for the smaller garden or a balcony is a derivative of the ‘large-flowered’ climbing roses called ‘pillar rose. ” As the name suggests, guide this climber along a pillar or a frame of wood or metal. Pillar roses are on average 1.50 to 2 metres high and the branches are sturdy.

Coloured roses
Roses are available in almost all colours, from beautiful snow-white to almost black red and very translucent yellow to bright orange.

Good strong climbing roses
Want a good, strong and beautiful climbing rose? Choose from the following roses:

Rambler Metanoia – salmon with shiny green leaves
Rambler Indigo Letta – lilac blue flowers in June / November
Rambler Bukala – pure orange, flowering in June / November
Climber New Dawn – big/fragrant / pink, sturdy branches
Paul’s Scarlet Climber – hot red bunches, flowering in June / November
Climber Penny Lane – Large / cream, fresh green leaves
Climber Santana – big/red flowers from June / November
Pillar Trevi Fountain – Large / orange, flowering in June / November
Paul’s Lemon Pillar – Large/double / golden yellow, blooming in July / October
Pillar Libretto – large / double / pink, blooming in June / October
Pillar Ponte Rosa – large / double / red, blooming from June / October

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