Can you make your own polytunnel?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

You can either use pipe deployed in a prefabricated polytunnel, or if you're building your own tunnel from scratch, intersections of scaffolding poles or water lines are the perfect cost-effective replacement — these should be cut to about six feet in length and down to a depth of about three feet into the ground (depending on your desired polytunnel size). It usually consists of a semi-circular metal frame that runs the length of your garden. The garden here runs from north to south with the house at the southern end. You can also cement into your foundation pipes.

How do you prepare a floor for a polytunnel?

Once the soil is broken, you can spread topsoil, compost or yard manure and mix it into the soil with a rotavator. Another smart tip to reduce maintenance is to reclaim the soil with the same ground cover or another mulch to keep weeds down. When you're ready to plant, you can make X-shaped cuts in the ground cover, and your fruits and vegetables will grow through the holes. Please note; when base rails are used, anchor plates must be used to secure the steel poly tunnel frame into the ground to prevent lifting off even in the most adverse weather conditions. A standard polytunnel involves digging a trench around the outside of the frame and burying the one-piece cover into the trench, creating a structure firmly anchored in the ground.


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