Can mirrors in gardens cause fires?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

With lots of different shapes, sizes and styles, when carefully placed they can create maximum impact with very little effort. We've put together a range of gorgeous garden mirror ideas to help inspire you for your own garden. Garden mirrors are a brilliant way to add a sense of extra space in shady corners, amplifying natural light. Garden mirrors are a brilliant way to add a sense of extra space in shady corners, amplifying natural light.

With its beautiful aged finish, this antique mirror will blend into your garden to add some light without being imposing. Garden mirrors are a brilliant way to add a sense of extra space in shady corners by amplifying natural light. Create a stunning feature for your porch or deck with garden mirror ideas Garden mirror ideas are a great way to create an indoor-outdoor feel. Bring jewel-like garden mirror ideas to a favorite part of your yard for an unexpected touch.

As the trend of bringing indoor style outdoors grows, garden mirrors are becoming increasingly popular.

Are garden mirrors a good idea?

Dani Taylor, product and creative director at Cox & Cox, suggests avoiding using indoor mirrors in the garden because boards that aren't waterproof can rot and cause the glass to fall out. You should make sure it reflects something pretty, like your favorite flowers, your container garden or other greenery, rather than your kids' climbing frame, for example. Plastic outdoor mirrors are a little better, but they tend to look like they came out of the house of horrors at the fair, you don't get a perfect reflection and they end up looking a little warped, which ruins the effect a little. Strategically placed mirrors can make a hedge look longer, or they can create a new line of perspective that alters the feel of a space.

Hopefully a mirror supplier will be able to guide you on how to fix the mirror in place and what glue to use if traditional mirror fixings are not an option. They work especially well on a porch, covered patio or deck, or even as part of your balcony garden ideas to add a homely feel.

Can you put a mirror in the garden?

This gardener used a metal trellis with a matching framed mirror to create a faux garden gate. Run a bead of caulk where water can seep in between the frame and the mirror or coat the entire back and sides with spray. Since the concave side of the mirror has a real focal point, a parallel beam of light hitting the surface will have a point of incidence, and the rays will eventually meet the focal point. The heat of the sun, reflected and magnified with a mirror, can set fire to leaves, pine needles and dry grasses if the conditions are right.

Whichever mirror you choose, it is essential to make sure it is securely fastened, as it is more likely to be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as high winds and rain. If it's heavy and I'm not sure the wall hangers will hold, I like to add a board along the bottom edge for the mirror to rest on.

Where is the best place to put a mirror in the garden?

This window type outdoor mirror will create a sense of light and space in your garden, especially the smaller ones. We've put together a number of great garden mirror ideas to help inspire you in your own backyard. I've been using mirrors in the garden for over twenty years and I've only ever had one break, and that was because I dropped it. Place mirrors on the walls in the shape of a door or window and the reflection will give the illusion that the garden continues to another area beyond.

Bringing some garden mirror ideas to your garden plot is one of the easiest and quickest ways to elevate it. In a room where you are likely to receive guests, a larger mirror can increase the ambiance of the room by giving the illusion that there are more guests. To do this, place the mirror next to a window to perfectly catch the angle of the light and bounce it around the room.

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