Can i keep my chilli plants over winter?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Hot peppers can be a bit in a bad mood when transplanting, so you'll need to do this very carefully — and remember that the stress of digging up and potting can cause your wintering efforts to come to a standstill. Mark a radius of four to six inches around the stem, depending on the size of your plant, and dig down six to eight inches. This means that they cannot be left in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel. I've had success making sure the plants are repotted as needed during the growing season so that they are already in a suitable size container by the time of winter.

Can I keep my chili plants over the winter?

If the plant is in a very large pot, consider repotting it into a slightly smaller pot with some new compost. The heat-loving plants don't like British winters and need special care to survive these difficult months. Pepper wintering is not too complicated, but below are some tips to make the process successful. However, with a little planning and effort, you can help your chili plants survive the winter and keep them coming back year after year.

Pruning If the plant has grown too tall, this is a good time to cut it back to a more suitable shape and size.

Where should I overwinter chili plants?

Aphids are a problem indoors and your overwintering peppers are more likely than not to host them. The main benefit of overwintering these super hots in the long season is that while you wait for the seeds to germinate, your overwintering plants will develop their first true leaves, control pests and patiently hope for a fruit to develop, your overwintered plants faster than secretarial the starting gates. Chilli plants pruned and ready for wintering - Similar to roses, you've now allowed your chili plants to conserve their energy throughout the winter. However, these hard-working plants are perennials that, under the right conditions, will like to overwinter until next year.

Can you keep chili plants for next year?

The best place to overwinter a chili plant is in the house. An environment that is warm enough for humans is fine for a chili plant. Let the plants soak up the moisture of each watering, but then make sure that excess moisture drains unhindered from the bottom of the pots so that the roots never sit in the water. The advantage of container chilies at this point is that they can be moved to a frost-free area, such as a greenhouse, an outbuilding, or even a cool room indoors. Any remaining leaves may turn yellow and also fall off, which is again completely normal. Some plants will survive the winter leafless but will grow back in spring.


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