Can hedge shears cut grass?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

For stubborn grasses, leaves and stems, use these pivoting blade scissors from Kings County Tools. One-handed tools should weigh less than 3 pounds. They're as sharp as they look, so be sure to use your free hand when clipping to avoid accidental cuts. Hold the handle on the comfort handle for edging, topping, or small pruning jobs.

Its 6.1-inch blades, longer than many other scissors, are long and pointed, masterfully cutting off target areas, using the tip for precise cuts and the length of the blade for longer scissors. The simplest tools can be the best for the job, which is the case with these Corona ClassicCut grass shears.

Which scissors are best for cutting grass?


spring-loaded handles open back to the right easily with every push and give you an easy cutting experience. Adrienne began her professional life as a gardener in her local park department and trained at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, where she was the first student of the renowned and world-renowned horticulture course in botanical horticulture. The comfortable grip makes this tool easy to hold, while the automatic spring minimizes hand fatigue and speeds work forward. Designed for edging, these shears cut through hard grass scars and small hedges with efficient force thanks to the powerful spring and strong material.

What are grass shears used for?

Grass shears typically have either two long, sharp blades that are pointed, or several shorter blades that move quickly to cut grass or even trim plants. These battery-powered grass shears work like a miniature lawn mower and use sharp saw teeth that glide over each other to shear your grass cleanly. Grass trimmers are ideal for edging and trimming ornamental grasses around flower beds, trees, and sidewalks. Too much weight or imbalance with a grass shear can result in injury, lower quality of work, and slow productivity.

All of these grass shears provide stability and precision compared to traditional shears and are designed to take on the task of handling plants, edging gardens, clearing paths, and making your home beautiful.


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