Can a succulent live forever?

May, 2022
Darren Spalding

Take the jade plant. For example, with proper care, she lives for 20 to 30 years. To get the most out of your succulent garden, you want your plants to live as long as possible. Therefore, it is important to care for them properly. With proper care, they can live a long time, from a few months to even years in the same pot or container. Instead, let's take a closer look at the most popular houseplant succulents and see how long they live.

With such a large number of succulents, it's understandable that some of them will last longer than others.

Do succulents continue to grow?

While succulents grow quite slowly, it's amazing how quickly they seem to stretch when they don't get the light they need. Succulents are a much larger group of plants that include the prickly cactus family, but also include things like the jade plants and aloe vera, which are definitely not cacti. They won't be quite as healthy or look as good as they should, but it generally takes quite a while (a year or two) for them to die off completely in low light conditions. That being said, periods of minimal or no water are completely normal for succulents, and they have adapted by becoming inactive.

When they reach a certain size, expect their growth to accelerate until they eventually outgrow their containers.

How do you know if your succulent is dying?

While dead leaves are perfectly healthy at the bottom of your succulent, dead leaves on the upper parts of the new growth are a sign of a problem — usually overwatering or underwatering. Succulents make great plants and they have that amazing nature to survive no matter what is thrown at them. If you don't have a lot of light in your home, choose succulents that don't need a lot of sunlight, such as the aloe vera, the snake plant, or the Schlumbergera. Even if you keep your plants indoors, there is a chance that your succulents will be affected by pests.


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