The Best Zero Gravity Chairs: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

Ever since NASA sent its first astronauts into space, we've been fascinated with the idea of gravity-less living. "Zero Gravity" chairs are a popular way to simulate this experience, but there are so many different options on the market that it can be hard to find a quality chair for your needs. That's why we put together this guide - check out our reviews and factors to consider when buying a zero gravity chair below!

DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair 

The DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair looks great and provides significant leg support. This chair is also designed to be as lightweight as possible, which makes it easy for you to move the chair around your home if necessary. The armrests are padded with a cool gel material that helps make them more comfortable than other chairs of similar design. All in all, this is a quality product worth considering when looking for an outdoor zero gravity chair - plus they come at quite a competitive price!

Pros: Lightweight construction; Padded armrests; Adjustable back position

Cons: Not very durable because of how light-weight the materials used are

AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair

This AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair is a great option for those who want something more comfortable than average, as it features an adjustable back position that makes it easier to find the best recline angle. The armrests also have plenty of padding so they're very cozy to lean against when relaxing outdoors or indoors.

Pros: Strong build due to the stainless steel frame.

Cons: Cannot recline as far back as some other chairs.

If you want a zero gravity chair that can be used in both indoors and outdoors, this is one of the best options for those who are looking to take their relaxation time with them!

Amazon Basics Padded Zero Gravity Chair- Alloy Steel,Blue, 2 Pack
  • Padded zero-gravity patio chair (2-pack) for ultimate comfort when relaxing outdoors
  • Removable headrest pillow and handy cup holder for each chair; chairs fold down for compact storage and easy transport

DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair (Single chair)

The DQCHAIR outdoor reclining chair is a great option for those who want to relax with friends and family in their own home. All you need is the chair, which can easily be folded up when not in use or put away until next time! The armrests are also adjustable so they're easy to find the perfect position for each person.

Pros: One of the wider chairs out their and has a larger weight limit.

Cons: Takes up a lot of space.

This chair can also be used indoors with its removable cover, so it's perfect for those who like to have the best of both worlds!

DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair with Cup Holder, Extra Wide Adjustable Lounger Chair for Patio Garden Beach Pool, With Cushions Support 200kg (Color : Black)
  • ➤ High quality zero gravity chairs - Quality UV-resistant fabric + Sturdy steel pipe frame + Removable pillow + Pearl cotton cushion + Utility cup holder tray
  • ➤ Larger and wider recliner - Dimensions (Open): 75 × 72 × 80 cm (Length × Width × Height); Dimensions (Folded): 72 × 98 × 15 cm (Width × Height × Thick). Weight Capacity: 200 kg / 440 lbs.

Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner

The Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner Chair is a true zero gravity chair but they are expensive. This chair provides the best quality on the market but their features may turn away some potential buyers.

When reclined at its ideal position of 127 degrees, these zero gravity chairs align your heart and knees to make it easier for the body to process blood flow and promote relaxation with no pressure placed on joints.

Additionally, the chair benefits from a patented clip suspension system that offers the advantages of enhanced ergonomics, optimal back support and comfort.


Contoured to provide a 127 degree position that is perfect for those looking for zero gravity comfort.

Patented clip suspension system that securely attaches fabric to frame.

The chair comes with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow.

Made with weather-resistant, UV-retardant and quick drying fabric.

Available in a range of colors, such as black and beige.


We didn't find many issues with this chair at all; it may be slightly on the expensive side for a single chair, but certainly does a great job!

Lafuma LFM4020-8547 MOBILIER Recliner Relaxation Chair, Folding, and Adjustable, R Clip Zero Gravity Reclining Chair, deal for the terrace or swimming pool - Ocean
  • A true ‘zero gravity chair’ -when reclined at 127° the heart and the knees are aligned easing the heart rate, breathing is easier. The spine is fully supported & the body is free from its own...
  • Lafuma patented clip suspension system uses clips to link the fabric to the frame for improved ergonomics, comfort, optimum back support, and a longer lifespan - much stronger than laces.

Sotech Garden Textilene Relaxer

These sotech garden chairs are sold in a pair and are one of the more expensive chairs on our list.

They offer a reclining position for optimal relaxation, with an ergonomist design to provide added comfort and include pillows that can be removed if desired.

The chair is made from weather-resistant fabric that is easy to clean and resistant against UV rays as well as mold or mildew.

Available in a wide range of colors: black, brown and tan.


  • Provides a comfortable place to relax in multiple locations, such as the living room, deck, and pool side.
  • This chair features a headrest, armrests and footrests to provide complete comfort.
  • Easily adjusted.
  • The feet are coated with a non-slip material to improve stability.
  • Fabric that resists UV rays will minimize its potential for color fading and deterioration.


  • This chair has a lower weight limit compared to most other models.

We found the sotech garden chairs to be quite comfortable overall; while they're not so great for taller people who want more upright positions, it's perfect if you just need some time out on the patio or by your pool.

Todeco Garden Textilene Relaxer, Foldable Zero Gravity Chair, 165 x 112 x 65 cm (65 x 44 x 25.6 inch), Green, Textilene, Pack of 2, with Pillow, Maximum load: 100 kg, Material: Steel
  • Maximum load: 100 kg * Seat width: 53 cm (20.87 inch) * Adjust the angle as needed * Ecological materials to avoid potential toxicity of the product
  • Accessories: 1 removable pillow * Seat width: 53 cm (20.87 inch) * An ideal piece of furniture for sitting and relaxing in your lounge, garden or living room * The non-slip feet provide extreme...

Our Guide To Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs are starting to become more and more popular, and for good reason. They offer more than just a plush and comfortable chair - they make you feel like you're floating in the air, which can provide relief from back pain due to lumbar support that reduces tension. These chairs are becoming popular in many places: at home on your patio or deck; by the poolside; even outside of your tent while camping!

There are so many different types of zero gravity chairs available today, but it's hard to know what features will be best suited for your needs- this is why we created this guide. We'll walk through all nine models featured here so that you have an idea about how they work together with their pros and cons before deciding which one might be right for you.

There are a variety of different factors to take into consideration when buying a new zero gravity chair, such as comfort, budget, adjustability and much more.


Each of the nine models featured here have different levels of adjustability, so you'll need to consider this before making a purchase. For example, some chairs can only be adjusted vertically in order for them to work properly- but others are fully adjustable and can even recline!

Do you want your chair to be able to move around? Some people prefer their chairs not being movable because they find it more relaxing knowing that it will stay put while they sit. Each person has an opinion on what feels best for them, which is why we feature all these options with pros and cons below:


Let's be honest, the main reason you'll be looking at a zero gravity chair is comfort... Fabric is the most popular choice in terms of comfort, but some people prefer leather because it breathes better.

*Fabric: For something that's less expensive than leather and is still very comfortable to sit on, many customers like fabric chairs over anything else. It won't break as easily- making it a great option for if you have kids or pets around!

*Leather: Leather chair are more durable when they're not being used by children or animals; so many buyers enjoy their durability while also finding them quite comfortable to sit in too. The downside? These chairs can be pricey depending on how much money you put into your purchase.

The next thing we recommend looking at is armrests... Some models come with padded armrests whereas others may simply have armrests made of plastic. Take a look at your own preferences and choose the chair that feels best to you for this feature too.

The last thing we recommend looking at is features: all chairs come with different features- like reclining positions, or heaters! The more popular models are going to have these in them because customers want them; so when choosing what type of zero gravity chair you're interested in, take a closer look at what they offer before making up your mind based on price alone.


We love a couple of products here, with the classics from Amazon coming out our favourites due to the bang for your buck. Let us know how you get on with your new zero gravity chair, or if you have any questions, by leaving a comment below.

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