Save Your Precious Plants with the 5 Best Rabbit Repellent Products

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

Rabbits are cuddly and cute. Especially if it is your first encounter with them. However, they are not considered your best friend if allowed to roam around freely in your garden. Make no mistake, they are great pets as long as they just play hide and seek with you. But heaven forbid. The last thing you want is for them to nibble on everything in your garden. Your fabulous plants will soon fall victim to them and turn out to be the perfect lunch.

Some of you may relate to this issue as you most probably had a few rabbits over the years and know firsthand how much harm they can cause. That is unless you are armed with the best rabbit repellents and keep them at bay, causing no harm to your precious plants.

There are many rabbit repellents around, making one wonder if the entire world is against these cuties. But, unlike some of you may think, this is not the case. The 5 best repellents against rabbits we are about to feature comprise all-natural ingredients and are deemed safe for domestic animals and your family.

Follow along while we look at the advantage of using these products.


5 - Grazers ltd GRAZERS G1 Concentrate 750ml Effective Against Damage from Rabbits

Grazers G1 Concentrate 750ml Effective against Damage from RABBITS, Pigeon, Deer Etc (Treats Up To 2000m2)
  • Unique formula against expected damage when applications started early
  • Commence at planting cover entire plant lightly & frequently then commit to monitoring

The calcium-based Grazers products do a marvelous job of preventing pests, which includes rabbits from eating the plants. It works well with photosynthesis that involves stems and leaves.

The indigenous wild pests would venture elsewhere in search of other food sources, which is splendid news for landowners who would rather see their plants thrive. They help this along with the calcium nutrients present in these products.

As a result, Grazers will present many advantages not just to the plant kingdom, but also be of benefit to the predators of these plant pests, and keep our natural wildlife food chain going the way we mean it to be.

From the get go, Grazers has always tried to make a product range that was safe for the natural environment, not only for humans, one's crops and domestic animals but also for all wild animals. This involves the very invasive species that the product lines are trying to keep back from the plants because they play a significant role in organic food sources. We are ‘helping our plants to help themselves’ by trying to apply Grazers, helping to give them the resilience to thrive. Simultaneously, with their own top predators, such as bird species, hedgehogs, toads, and frogs, we also end up leaving their pests healthy for consumption. The safer ecosystem draws more wildlife to the city which will consume even more pests.

Grazers rabbit repellents take on a liquid form that is offered either in a ready to use format as a diluted solution or a concentrated form that needs to be diluted first. Instructions for its usage is given in writing and made visible on the containers itself. Even so, it is imperative that the relevant solutions are prepared well in advance and diluted to conform to given directions as set out by the manufacturers. This is often the best way to deal with the different pest groups.

The product should be applied using a fine mist of liquid to cover any of sections of the plant that could relatively soon be invaded by the pest. Formulation need not be heavy (to discourage product waste), although it needs to be thoroughly covered throughout the entire plant to ensure that its action is most beneficial.

Some repellents may give off a powerful smell. Especially when you haven’t diluted it as yet. But, after about a day or two, you will hardly notice it.


  • Lasts for up to 6 weeks before there is a need to rebuy the product
  • Absorbs fairly easily right into the leaves
  • Safe for use even when spraying the solution on edible crops
  • The formulation has been successfully used by farmers and plant growers ever since 1999
  • Safe for use when you have pets and friendly to people


  • If the formulation is undiluted, then it may result in the spray bottle getting clogged.
  • You would have to remember to respray once it rained.
  • In some instances, you may notice a strange after taste when consuming edible crops


4 - Defenders Fox and Wildlife Repellent

The Big Cheese Fox and Wildlife Repellent – Twinpack 50 g Sachets. Water Soluble Fox and Wildlife Deterrent. Protection for Gardens, Flowerbeds and Patio Areas, Treats up to 17 m2
  • EASY-TO-USE: Twinpack water soluble sachets make 9.0 Litre of spray solution for application using watering can or garden sprayer
  • EFFECTIVE: HSE approved formulation deters foxes and wildlife without harm to gardens and natural habitats

In all likelihood, you want the best chance against rabbits or other wildlife who make a beeline for your plantlife. They can prove to be truly annoying while making a meal out of your precious plants. Therefore, you would want the best chance of warding them off. The Defenders Fox and Wildlife Repellent product is a good choice in this regard as it will not just deter foxes, but also rabbits and other wild animals.

Where is the best place to use Fox & Wildlife Repellent sachets as a deterrent against rabbits?

Efficient threat to predators and rabbit activity in lawns, patios and garden areas.

We can use this at all stages of growth on plants.

Crops can be picked on the day of use but should be thoroughly washed before consumption.

When and how to use Fox & wildlife Repellent

Add the repellent solution during dry conditions. This makes sure the residue on the target area dries away. One should reapply the formula soon after it rains.

Ideally the solution needs to be applied as soon as there is evidence of infringement and if activity continues, repeat applications might be needed.

How the Repellent for Rabbits and Foxes Should Be Used?

Landowners and plant lovers need to know how they should apply the solution. Let’s find out.

Full coverage:

Open the sachets and pour it into a clean bottle. Ensure you add adequate lukewarm water to ensure complete dissolution of the powder.

Make the solution up to 9 liters per 50 g sachet with cold water and stir thoroughly prior to treatment. Apply either with a gardening container or through proper spray equipment promptly.

Concentrated treatment:

100 g of Defenders Fox and Wildlife Repellent would be suitable for targeted spot treatment across various areas to make 5 liters of concentrated spray solution for treatment of up to 8 meter per square. Use 2.5 liters per 50 g sachet to make up the solution as above and stir thoroughly before use. Apply with sprayer.


  • Proven to deter unwanted wildlife such as foxes and rabbits from your lawn area without causing them any harm
  • Water soluble powder used
  • Treats up to 50 square metres
  • Effortless distribution over areas you want to protect against the rabbits
  • Can be used as general coverage as well
  • Suitable spraying equipment will be fine to use to spray the area you want to treat
  • Effective on seedbeds, lawns, flowerbeds, and also patios


  • Needs frequent reapplication after it rained
  • Might not be the only cure, but effective for controlling wild animals


3 - SCENT OFF Vitax Rabbit Repellent, 500 g

Vitax Stay Off Rabbit Repellent Animal Repellents & Training Aids,500g
  • A natural way to protect lawns from rabbit damage
  • Stimulates a fear based response which encourages rabbits to go elsewhere

There are many ways to deter those pesky rabbits from feasting on your favourite plants. One way is to dust your plants using talcum powder. Rabbits love sniffing everything that comes their way. Even powdered red pepper might turn out to be a successful deterrent. Some gardeners said that Irish Spring soap can be useful to keep them out.

Surely, it would be easier to settle for something that involves far less hassle, such as Scent Off Vitax Rabbit Repellent. It proves to be the perfect repellent for rabbits that is used in organic gardens. Many will tell you that this product is an essential plant nutrient as it contains 12% nitrogen and has the ability to improve turf colour and boost plant growth.

The way it works is to emit an odour that pesky pests like rabbits associate with predators. This way they are naturally deterred from coming closer to your plants. The product creates a fear-based response in rabbits so they move off elsewhere.

The user won’t find the odour repulsive at all and the plants you spray it on will not experience any harm.

Also, it is very easy to use and only needs to be reapplied every 6 to 8 weeks. You can expect to successfully treat an area comprising 150 square metres.

Your dog or cat may even like the novelty of it all. But do not be alarmed in any way. They will experience little to no harm should they decide to taste the repellent.

The product is very easy to apply and simply be sprayed on the plants you feel deserve to be protected. Excellent for safeguarding your yard from getting holes in it which the rabbits will do once they get half a chance to come into your garden. Luckily the Scent Off Vitax does a good job of veering them off.

Like the label states, this product is eco-friendly and ideal for all gardens. Using only natural ingredients, it proves to be very safe for use by anyone as a way to deter rabbits from making their way into your garden.


  • Children and pets are allowed onto treated areas
  • Nutrients the product consists off is beneficial to plants
  • Safeguards up to 150 square metres
  • Protects all organic gardening from rabbit invasion
  • Lightly adheres to most surfaces, which makes it a natural choice for use against rabbits


  • Product might stain desirable areas. Precaution needs to be taken
  • Need regular application in areas where it is wet a lot
  • Can be costly in the long run to keep it up


2 - PROTECT GARDEN Animal Repellent, Orange

Link to product -

PROTECT GARDEN 86600253 Cat-a-Pult Animal Repellent, 2 x 50g - Non-Harming Concentrate Animal Repellent - Scent Based Repellent Deters Animal Fouling - Effective Against Foxes, Cats & More, Orange
  • ANIMAL REPELLENT: Non-harming animal repellent for protecting your garden
  • SCENT-BASED: Deters animals from fouling in your garden through scent-based behavioural modifiers

Does your garden come under wild or domestic attack from say rabbits or other pests? Animal Repellent Concentrate avoids fouling of cats and dogs while avoiding harm to various animals, such as rabbits and foxes. The repellent should be used throughout your yard, including on the crops, lawns and native crops you eat.

Works on cats, horses, ducks, rabbits as well as other animals. May be used for crops that are edible and non-edible, on lawns, roads, trails and patios. To use as soon as you see any harm caused to your garden by animals. Could be used at any time of year. While you are busy gardening, wear gloves always. Please read out before using.

When used on growing plants, it can be applied at any stage of growth or whenever you notice any kind of damage taking place. You can easily make a mixture using one of the enclosed sachets. All you need is a weak solution of the Protect Garden to break down any unwanted odours.

Simply empty the sachet into a clear container so you may add a sufficient solution to lukewarm water until you notice it has dissolved properly. Be sure you make up at least 9 litres of solution for it to be effective.

The Protect Garden Animal Repellent range is sufficient to treat an area consisting of at least 16 square metres for deterring domestic animals like cats and dogs. You will need a bit more for wildlife such as rabbits. At least double the quantity.

Just be aware that powders like these do not work as effectively during wet conditions. However, once it's set on a dry surface, it can last for weeks on end.

The key benefit is that this product will keep all known pests such as foxes, mice, and rabbits away.


Covers fairly big areas and makes it easy for gardeners to set up a perimeter all around their garden.

Once it settles on your plants, it lasts for much longer

Humans will not experience any foul odours.

Safe to use around domestic animals, plants, and humans

Great for all year round use


Rain washes away the effects of this powder.



1 - Grazers ltd GRAZERS G1-Effective Against Damage from Rabbits, Pigeon, Deer Etc 750ml Ready to Use Eco Spray

  • Unique formula against expected damage when applications started early
  • Commence at planting cover entire plant lightly & frequently then commit to monitoring

None of us wants to cause harm to any animal. But, boy it sure can get nasty when those pesky rabbits head over to your plants and nibble away leaving you feeling frustrated and annoyed by it all. The best advice we can give you is to settle for Grazers G1 products as they are super effective against deer, pigeon, and rabbits of course. We are ready to stake our reputation that you will like this easy to use rabbit repellent for what it can do to ease your nerves every time there is any indication that a rabbit heard about your garden and makes a beeline for your plants.

The most successful applications against rabbits causing harm to your plants is to apply this eco-friendly spray. The best defence against pests like these is the offense. You need to anticipate the fact that they will come for your plants.

All you need to do is be proactive in your stance against rabbits invading your garden by applying the spray ahead of time and not after one or two rabbits already grazed on a plant or two. This Anticipation will most certainly save the day, which is what his product is meant to do and to give you peace of mind.

In cases where you expect an increase in rabbit numbers or the plants grow very fast or the weather conditions are not ideal, then you have to increase the application of this product.

Also, take hold of the opportunity to add this product to vulnerable areas in your garden where you know the chances are good that you’ll encounter wild animals or rabbits. An example of such areas would be rosebuds or other favourite plants loved by rabbits or deer in the area.

Interestingly, all the products within the Grazers range are offered in a liquid form. These are based on the fact that the manufacturers find it easier to infuse the products with nutrient calcium to be combined with plant extract to boost plant interaction with the product. The contents also differ and would largely depend on the particular circumstances, depending on the pests grazing method as well as the plant type.

It is best to be aware that the mix of calcium used will only be effective it gets applied to stems, flowers, or plants who undergo a photosynthesis process so it may interact with the plant's metabolic processes.

When you apply it to stems and leaves, the calcium will soon be taken up into the plant cells and make it unappealing to rabbits and other pests. In simple terms, it makes the plant bitter and unappetising to grazing pests.

Any plant that gets sprayed with Grazers G1 will have a much better chance to survive against the onslaught of pests like rabbits.


The formula is infused with unique properties to guard against damage

Wildlife, pet, and people-friendly

Stimulate plant growth

Ready to use sprayer that is operated with an upside-down trigger

Spreads evenly over the leaves of the plants


Stronger solution needed in most cases for it to be effective

When it rains your garden becomes unprotected

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