4 Best Manual Lawn Aerators

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

Manuel spike aerators are fairly easy to use. All you need to do is poke a couple of holes in the soil using a fork-like product. Aerators with plug-ins prove to be very effective even though they work differently to standard ones. 

What is the purpose of using an aerator? In essence, it is to encourage your lawn to inhale and exhale efficiently and ensure a sound lawn area homeowners can be proud of. Besides, your lawn should look breathable and appealing to the eye. 

The fact of the matter is that lawn aerators make a huge difference to your garden. Somehow, compacted soil does not present your plants with the best chances to grow to its full capacity as it stands in the way of their roots inhaling openly. 

The rewards are numerous if you implement lawn aeration properly. Do get it right, you need to incorporate three things:

  1. Learning how to control your lawn thatch
  2. Decrease or minimize soil compaction
  3. Allowing your grass roots to multiply and amplify

Without any further ado, let us have a look at 5 best manual lawn aerators. 


No 4 - EEIEER Lawn Aerator Shoes

This Aerator makes use of metal ratchet straps that allows for an easy yet effective fit that is quite secure. You can even mow your lawn with these strapped on so you do not have to stop in between mowing. 

If you are still new to mowing your lawn this way, you may want to adopt a different method known as sidestepping, which turns out to be more accurate. The problem with walking forward is that unless you walk with your feet forward, you are prone to leave un-aerated sections behind. You will find that doing it this way is not much faster than side-stepping. 


  • Made from durable plastic and metal
  • Suitable for use with most soft and hard floors
  • You can also tread on rocks that are hidden under the lawn
  • No need for heavy or expensive tools to aerate your lawn
  • Roots will grow deeper



  • Straps are not always long enough to secure your feet
  • Takes a bit of practice to get used to walking in them

The beauty of using the lawn aerators is that it features 4 adjustable straps and fits most shoe sizes. Ensure you adjust the length of the straps properly so you can secure it the right way. 

Lawn Aerator Shoes, EEIEER Lawn Aerating Shoes Lawn Aerator Sandals Lawn Aerator Scarifier Lawn Scarifier Lawn Aerator Spike Lawn Aeration Shoes with 5 Straps for Your Lawn or Yard
  • 【Strong and sturdy】----EEIEER aerator shoes feature a sturdy plastic base that provides unsurpassed heel support. Four adjustable nylon straps wrap the ventilation shoes close to the foot - these...
  • 【New and improved design】----These ventilation shoes are our best model so far. We've added extra elastic straps to maximize stability! The straps will attach the shoes to your heels for extra...

No 3 -  GYMAX - Rolling Lawn Aerator with Non-slip Spiral Handle & Metal Nail

Heavy duty green rolling lawn aerators like this one will be a real bonus to gardening people who are short of time. The easy-rolling feature allows water, air, and other useful nutrients to penetrate your lawn to ensure a greener and lush lawn area. 

Aerating your lawn this way is a lot faster and way more efficient than other methods used. What’s more, the sturdy wheels are easy to manoeuvre around and you do not have to resort to expensive and harmful chemicals. 


  • Very easy to use as you simply roll it along
  • Durable steel material ensures longevity
  • Deep watering made possible as it effectively loosens soils
  • Effortless assembly


  • Not suitable for use with a large yard
  • The unit is a bit on the light side, but you can add extra weight to solve this problem

As a whole, the GYMAX lawn aerator is a good buy. You can expect results from day one and you will find it so much easier to poke holes in your lawn to encourage it to breathe. 

GYMAX. Rolling Lawn Aerator with Non-slip Spiral Handle & Metal Nail, Heavy Duty Rolling Grass Tool for Yard, Garden
  • ✔DURABLE MATERIAL: High quality galvanized steel pipes and PP plastic are used as main materials and can be used for a long time.
  • ✔SOLID METAL NAIL:Long nails on the roller effectively penetrate the land to provide sufficient oxygen for land, and help to ventilate, which is ideal for loosen the soils effectively.

No 2 - Lawn Spike Aerator Shoes

The technically advanced Lawn Spike Shoes sport high profile spikes. As opposed to metal spikes that only penetrate into the soil partially, soon to be closed, the super robust Nylon spike of this aerator shoe features a conical shape that ensures the holes created stay open for longer. This way sufficient levels of oxygen and water penetrates the soil.

The high-quality webbing has double stitched Velcro. Therefore, users do not have to be concerned about boots or shoes that will slip around. 


  • Reduce thatch when you use these lawn aerators
  • High gloss finish on the underside of the shoes ensure an easy cleaning experience
  • Textured surface ensures a secure grip between the aerator and your shoes
  • Uniquely shaped spikes allow superior lawn penetration to ensure improved growth
  • Velcro straps fit around any shoe size


  • Some gardeners experienced difficulty securing the velcro straps around their shoes
  • The heel end of the lawn aerator can be a bit higher for use in softer soil
  • Not ideal for using on hard surfaces

In general, gardeners all around the UK love them as they are easy to put on, walk around in and do a fantastic job of aerating your lawn. 

E-Tree Lawn Spike Aerator Shoes Garden Grass Aerators Adjustable Straps Manufactured in the UK
  • ProSpike premium one-piece lawn aerating shoes
  • Increases water and nutrient penetration for deeper roots and a greener, healthier lawn


No 1 - Bosmere Garden Care Hollow Tine Aerator

You can improve your lawn area a lot easier when using a proper lawn aerator like this one. The trick is to ensure the air circulated in and around your lawn is given a chance to boost sufficient growth, which is often hindered through a lack of proper oxygen levels.  The Bosmere Garden Care Hollow Tine Aerator works wonders in this regard. 


  • Extra strong tines set in the bottom bar to ensure hole making is an effortless exercise
  • Excellent for plant growth
  • Reduces moss and thatch growth
  • Minimizes issues with compacted soil that stands in the way of lawn growth


  • Works okay during Autumn and Winter when the soil is more moist
  • Tines can become blocked and require regular cleaning

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