Best Lawn Rollers - Water Filled Garden Roller Reviews

December, 2023
Darren Spalding

If a beautiful lawn is your goal, you will need to invest in the perfect garden roller.

We've put together a list of the best lawn rollers available. We'll review seven options and explain what makes them great, plus the drawbacks too. To make it easier for you to find the perfect roller for your garden, we have included some helpful advice in our buyer's guide section. There you will learn what to look for and what features to consider.

If you have any type of lawn, a roller is essential. It ensures the best possible result when sod or seed has been laid. After laying turf or planting seeds, it's important to give your new garden time to settle.

Let's get into it...

Our favourite and top-rated roller in the U

1. MaxxGarden Lawn Roller

MaxxGarden Lawn Roller – Steel, Lawn, Garden – Width 60 cm – Roll Diameter: 33 cm - Filling volume: approximately 60 litres.
  • With the MaxxGarden 60cm Lawn Roller you have an ergonomic and useful gardening tool.
  • Total height with frame: 110 cm - Roll Width: 60 cm. Roll diameter: 33 cm

This roller from MazzGarden may be the least expensive option and give you the functionality that other, more expensive models don't. The 60cm rolling frame is made of an unspecified metal and 32cm in diameter. This cylinder has a capacity of 48 litres. You can fill it with plenty of water or sand to give your lawn that flawless finish we all crave.

To add sand to the roller, there is an opening in the side of it - though this opening will not work well with large piles of sand. If you prefer to use plain or sandy ground, be careful when adding it because if you are not mindful and spill too much water on the outside, leakage can potentially occur. Once added to the roller you're able to lock the side.

The steel frame is strong enough to support the weight and will keep the roller balanced as you move it. The stand on top of the handle reaches 110 centimetres, so most gardeners should find a comfortable grip when pushing this one across their lawns.

The first time you try to use the roller, take note that you'll need to attach it to the frame before using it. Some assembly is required, as installation instructions for mounting are not available in English, which wasn't the easiest to read as somebody who speaks, only... English.

We have heard a few concerns about positioning the frame correctly. This means that they won't always scrape in an even line and might not effectively keep the cylinder clear of debris. It's not the end of the world, though it does mean that performance may be less than ideal.

However, the MaxxGarden does not offer a lot in terms of special features. It is also not terribly expensive, meaning it offers more value than high-end rollers that cost significantly more.


  • Steel frame to keep ballast evenly balanced
  • This lawn roller weighs 60 kilograms when it is filled with water.
  • Large 60-centimetre working width


  • The assembly is not straightforward as the instructions are not in English.
  • The hole in the cylinder is too narrow to add sand easily without spilling it.

2. Coopers Of Stortford Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder

Coopers of Stortford Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder - The Richmond
  • High quality steel lawn roller for professional looking garden lawns
  • Rounded edges with a enamelled finish to prevent turf damage

The Coopers of Stortford roller costs 60% more than the MaxxGarden version. What features make it worth this price difference? It is a tough and well-built cylinder, made of steel that has been finished with enamel. This means the roller will be strong and won't damage lawns during use.

If you're working on uneven ground, it may be necessary to detach the scraper bar. Your roller will function just as well without this bar and you can return it if need be. The dimensions of this roller are a fraction of the MaxxGarden.

The working surface is 42cm, which will be narrower than your lawnmower blade. It's smaller in other areas too: 30cm in diameter and hollow - so you can fill it with water, sand or cement. When the cylinder is full you're looking at a weight of around 54kg.

Two 10-kilogram bags of sand from a DIY store will work. You can use the funnel to make the filling process much cleaner, and it's better if you let the sand dry out before pouring into your cylinder - this makes it easier to pour in.

Though the device claims to be watertight, you may experience some minor splashing as you are rolling. If you're using concrete, be prepared to carry a heavy roller around with you - it won't go anywhere else.

The handle on this roller is more than a meter high, making it an ideal height for gardeners of varying sizes. Although assembly will be required to attach the roller to the cylinder, it should only take about 10 minutes.


  • Solid construction with steel
  • The cylinder has an enamel coating that reduces stress on the turf
  • When full, the device can weigh a maximum of 54 kilograms.


  • The watertight fastening isn't perfect, so prepare for the occasional splash if you fill it with water.
  • The bar on the scraper can get caught up in the cylinder if used on uneven ground.

3. Einhell GC-GR 57 Garden Roller

Einhell GC-GR 57 Garden Roller For Lawns -- 57cm Wide, Heavy Duty Coated Metal 46L Drum, Sand or Water Filled Grass Roller -- Lawn Roller For Smooth, Bump Free Grass
  • COATED METAL DRUM - The GC-GR 57 Garden Roller Is A Robust, Handy Tool For Maintaining A Healthy And Attractive Lawn
  • SIMPLE, SIDE FILLING AND EMPTYING - For User-Friendly Filling With Water Or Sand There Is A Secure Closable Opening On The Side Of The Drum

The Einhell roller is almost as large as the Outsunny one. The cylinder measures 32 cm, and the working width is 57 cm. It can hold up to 46 litres of water or sand which equates to a good weight for rolling hills in your garden.

The cylinders are made from a thickness of one and a half millimetres, with the outside of the cylinder prepared to avoid rust. Colours include red, orange, yellow, light green and dark green. A hatch is located on one side that allows it to be filled up while caps keep contents inside. With this type of roller, there is a scraping bar that can be adjusted. This ensures the cylinder moves smoothly and leaves an even finish on your lawns.

When it is emptied, the weight of this roller is 10.5 kilograms, which makes it an optimal choice for those looking to save space when storing their equipment. There's some assembly required before you can use it- but all the screws and pieces are fully labelled. You will need to attach the scraper bar manually, which is a simple task if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

One consideration to look out for is the quality of construction. In particular, watch out for welds on the cylinder that could create bumps against the scraper bar. Some cylinders have leaked along seams as well. This is a problem that's not specific to one company, it seems like the issue lies in manufacturing. All the same, before you get too far with your assembly be sure to check over all parts for quality control issues.

On the whole, customers have been favourable about how responsive the company is to complaints. However, given that this piece of equipment is large and only being able to send it back requires a degree of hassle. For starters, this roller has been effective - as long as you don't receive one where quality assurance was skipped.


  • This metal garden roller has been finished in bright red
  • You may need to adjust the scraper bar if the roller stops rolling smoothly.
  • 46 litres capacity of either water or sand


  • Watch out for irregular leaks around the welds in the cylinder and bumps that alter its movement.

4. Outsunny 40L Lawn Roller

The most expensive option on our list is Outsunny. With just a little over double the price of the cheapest, it begs the question - is it worth spending all that extra money? WIndeed, this lawn roller actually has a capacity of 40 litres. The width that can be used is 58 centimetres, and the cylinder diameter is 32 centimetres.

The cylinder weight will vary depending on the type of fill used. The lightest weight is filled with water, but when filled with sand, it weighs around 84 kilograms. This manual lawn roller is more than heavy enough for a task like this. The 118 cm handle ensures you can get the most leverage from your arm, which will make it easier to move the roller across your lawn and flatten any bumps or obstacles in its path.

The design includes a scraper bar to make the cylinder cleaner and smoother during use, and it also resists rust through regular treatment. The material is also subject to rust, but it's susceptible only at the joints between the cylinder and wheels. Just spray a little silicone grease on those spots for protection.

The handle on this lawn roller is easy on your hands as well as foldable, for easy storage. This is also a roller that requires assembling, but it usually takes less than 30 minutes to assemble.


  • This model is heavy enough to do the job, but a little easier to move around than some heavier models.
  • The comfortable handle is a two-section design, which is useful for storing the roller.
  • All parts are rust-resistant, however...


  • ... the joints between the axle and cylinder can be damaged by rust. Guard them with silicone for protection
  • Quite expensive for a lawn roller of this size.

5. CHRISTOW Garden Roller For Lawns, Heavy Duty Sand Water Filled Drum With Scraper

Christow Garden Roller For Lawns, Heavy Duty Sand Water Filled Drum With Scraper, 40cm Steel Barrel, 30L Capacity
  • EASILY CREATE A FLAT, LEVEL & HEALTHY LAWN: Improve the health of your lawn with this Garden Roller from Christow. Simply push or pull the roller across your lawn to level the soil and repair dips and...
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL WITH SOFT-FEEL HANDLEBAR: The garden roller features a 16” wide barrel which is made from heavy-duty steel with a rust-resistant powder coating. A soft-feel handlebar provides a...

If you're looking for a garden roller that is better suited to a smaller lawn, consider these rollers from Christow. The two key features of this lawn roller are its small width for manoeuvrability and its smaller capacity than many.

You'll get a heavier weight if you fill it with sand, rather than water. Filled to the brim with water, it weighs 36 kilograms. With sand, this would be much heavier at around 52kgs. When you first open the plug, it has a rather tight fit.

If you're going to use sand for weight when filling the cylinder, we'd recommend using a funnel. Trying to fill it up without one will make a mess and likely get sand everywhere.

This lawn roller has a tube made of heavy-duty steel with rust-resistant coating so it lasts even in damp weather. The handlebar on this lawn roller is ergonomically designed to stop your hands from getting sore. It also has two sections that you can detach and fold up or remove completely for easy storage.

When empty, the whole thing weighs just 6 kilograms making it easy to transport. One of the best features is that this model has a scraper bar at the end which helps to maintain smooth rolling over your lawn.

These cylinders can be a problem because, occasionally when you are turning the roller, the raised welding seam will get caught on the scraper bar. If you are experiencing this problem and would rather not send the garden roller back, one possible solution is to hammer the seam flat.


  • The compact size of these rollers makes them easy to manoeuvre around smaller lawns.
  • This lawn roller holds sand and water without leaking.
  • Handlebars are foldable or removable for easier storage


  • Ensure a smooth weld bead when assembling the scraper bar
  • One downside is the small size of the hole at the top of the cylinder, so it might be best to use a funnel when filling with sand.

6. Crystals Garden Outdoor Lawn Aerator

Crystals Garden Outdoor Lawn Aerator Heavy Duty Manual Handle Rolling Grass Roller (30L)
  • Made from Steel metal within the sturdy construction and help to make perfect lawn efficiently and with less effort
  • Can be filled with wet sand or concrete mix and weight of this lawn roller can be increased or decreased by filling as much weight you require

Crystals is another lawn roller for smaller spaces. This unit holds 30 litres and can be filled with either water or sand to create a solid, heavy roller. The most noteworthy thing about this roller is the price, which is cheaper than other rollers we reviewed. It's steel with a layer of green powder that helps to protect against rust.

It has all of the features of higher-priced rollers. The handle has a comfortable rubber grip, which is much more comfortable for your hands and it can fold down to take up less space when not in use. There's a scraper bar to remove any debris that accumulates at the base of the cylinder with each rotation. And there's a hole in the cylinder so you can fill it up. The plug to cover it fits neatly, so you won't have to worry about leaks and such.

On the other hand, this roller is susceptible to needing repairs on the welding as well. If there are defects with the welding, it will prevent the scraper bar from performing optimally. You can hammer the seam flat, but you don't have to.

As for the filling hole, it is too small and might make a mess if not filled perfectly. Make sure to have a funnel handy to solve this problem.


  • This is a fantastic roller for the smaller lawn.
  • Easy-to-stow handle at a two points
  • Powder-coated steel construction increases the strength of the roller and ensures long term survival.


  • Welding seams may interfere with the operation of the scraper.
  • The hole to fill the cylinder is small which can be a challenge if you're using sand.

Our Garden Roller Buying Guide

Read our buying guide for answers to what to look for when considering a lawn roller. We'll cover the pros and cons of each type in order to help you decide which rollers are best for your needs!

Buy based on the size of your lawn

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a lawn roller is its width. Ensure the size of your garden by opting for larger rollers that have wider working widths and will therefore cut down the time taken in completing the task

Most people think about the width of their lawn when choosing what type of roller to buy. For most British gardens, a wide-open space, the perfect choice is usually a standard or jumbo-sized rubber blade roller. But not everyone has a total flat surface - maybe there are narrow spaces where you need to be more selective about your equipment? Make sure you find the best lawn roller for your own needs.

Will It Damage Your Grass?

Pushing a heavy weight over your lawn can damage it if not done properly, so it's worth taking the time to find the right roller for you.

All the models on our list have a scraper bar for easy surface cleaning and to avoid damaging your lawn. Enamel-coated cylinders are also a good option for lawn rollers; these provide a smooth, even surface on your lawn that is easier to use than other models.

Can it last the test of time?

All the rollers on our list have cylinders made of metal, in most cases steel.

Few specifications include the thickness of the metal, but it is typically a good sign. When this is mentioned, it indicates that the manufacturer believes in their design and has put time into creating an impact-resistant material for their roller.

If the roller is made out of metal, your other consideration should be how well it resists corrosion. The grass stays wet even on sunny days and if you put away a damp metal roller, unless it has some protection against moisture from the greenery or environment it will rust quickly.

When you're looking for a rollers, always check they have a protective coating to prevent corrosion!

Do you have much room to store the roller?

Keep in mind that maximizing storage space may require foldable handles and the removable of these, which add a little bit of time to your cleanup process. Consider the slope of the terrain you will be on, as well as any steps that you may need to navigate. Any pathways with high overhangs or thresholds around the shed should also be taken into consideration.

We hope you've enjoyed our roundup of some of the best lawn rollers, and best brands. We've toured through different styles that are available on the market and provided recommendations to help your purchase decision.

With so many different types of lawn rollers on the market, it may seem hard to decide which one is best for you. Hopefully, our guide has given you some steer and you'll have a perfect lawn in no time at all after our extensive guide on finding the best lawn roller!


How heavy should a lawn roller be?

For rolling the lawn, a light roller or half filled water roller will be used to firm top dressing and roll after seeding. Generally, heavy rollers - including pedestrian lawn mowers - are only needed when you have an ornamental or croquet-like grass style of lawn.

What can I use instead of a lawn roller for a large lawn?

The chain harrow is a contraption that groundsmen use to flatten large lawns and pitches without compacting the soil. In order to use it, a tractor must be attached.

When should I use a lawn roller?

The best time of year to roll out the lawn is in the spring. Roll your lawn in the season when grass is coming out of its dormancy and should have active roots. Light weight roller will do fine for this task and you can use it as necessary even if you have hard surfaces like paths that need some attention..

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